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Do you want to experience an adult VN that many players and fans only could find the strength to play once? Then this is the game for you. Acting Lessons is packed with a rich story, comedy, sex and drama. The choices you make in this game will affect your adventure until the very end. Just rest.

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Could an ordinary guy that moves to a new town find a lot of new excitement in his life? To move on from problems of the past?

This game provides examples of:

And perhaps to even find love? This is exactly what the initial premise is. The main character, Jonas or whatever name we decide to give himfrom whose point of view we witness the story, has a lot of new people and events about to enter his life. Some good, some even amazing, and also some which could leave him with mental scars for life. The story revolves around our character starting a new life for himself. However, on day 1, fate brings him closer together with a kind young woman, Megan. As the shop where she works gets robbed and Jonas gets knocked out and hospitalised, Megan and Jonas try to support each other after this event.

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As we get closer to her world, we get to know her friends too and are sucked into an interesting set of events. In addition to Megan and her friends, we also have our own best friend, Liam, who is a fun-loving outgoing guy, but who also has some of his own issues.

There is a great chemistry that we build with him too, especially how he often is the one to say something funny.

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As we go through day by day, making friends, building romance, or possibly simply just engaging in sexual acts, more serious events start to develop and we have to start making some tough choices. And this is what this game does really well. We get to learn about the pains and problems everyone has as we get to know them deeper. It also does really well at keeping the pace just right and builds climaxes at really fitting times. Some of the events in the last quarter of the game do change the feel of the story quite drastically.

At first they might even seem like they come out of left field, but the game does an excellent job at tying everything together and making it feel meaningful and memorable. It deals with some serious and emotional issues that almost all of us would be able to relate to in some way. Because of this, its emotional impact could be too much for some, but this is exactly why this game is so good.

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This is a visual novel, so story is the focus here. The only aspects of gameplay are the choices that we make. Some are small and might only change a bit of dialogue, while others are very big and impactful. Moreover, our choices also govern how we develop relations with each female character, whether they end up becoming a meaningful romantic choice, a friend, or just someone we have some fun with for a little while.

Acting lessons

In that sense, the choices and consequences are executed really well, and it is possible to have multiple playthroughs and end up with drastically different outcomes. The game is presented in a form of numerous still images with stunning-looking 3D character models that had clearly a lot of love put into them. The way the images were set up are great and the scene flows very smoothly. The music tracks that play in each scene are also very suitable and fit the emotion of the scene.

Most of them have a relaxing pop or acoustic feel, but the more intense ones also kick in during appropriate scenes. Oftentimes the game shows us a lot more through the facial expressions of the characters than the dialogue itself, which makes it all feel so much more believable.

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During some scenes we get to see short, loopable videos too. These usually happen sex scenes and highly romantic moments. Although I am personally not a big fan of explicitly detailed sex scenes, their presence did not ruin the experience, because they really are not the focus of the game. Majority of the game is about building relationships and making important choices in the story. This is an excellent game that will take you by surprise. It takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, with the high highs and the low lows, and it makes you care for the characters as though they were real people in your life.

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I think it really deserves that. A maths and science tutor, indie games developer, and graphics artist mainly in pixel art. A huge fan of psychology, learning new things, creativity, animals, and all things science fiction. Video games have always been one of my favourite creative mediums, particularly in story-telling aspect.

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Favourite genres and themes: story-driven, choices matter, RPGs, sci-fi, dark fantasy, thrillers, anti-heroes, tactical combat. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by .

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If you are looking for an interesting, exiting and romantic story, download it. I recommend to play it once a day because if you play it all the day it will seem very short. Also, the graphics are the best. It surprised me. Thanks for the developer for creating this wonderful game.

Yes, its story is really well executed and knows how to deliver effective impacts. Agreed also regarding playing it over a few days rather than all in one day.

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I find that when I do this with games with good stories, it enhances the experience, because then it keeps me intrigued and I have something to look forward to before the next play session comes I find this works really well with good TV shows too. The dev sure knows how to get us attached to the characters and miss them when the game ends. The latter parts of the game were especially quite emotional. The game is excellent. Save or Quit SoQ is a community of fanatical gamers who love to give you their opinions. What kind of new life are you going to build for yourself?

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Will you finally find your happiness and love or more pain? Tagged as beautiful artworkchoice and consequencechoices matterdeep storyDr PinkCakeemotionalfriendshipgood character developmentinteractive storymodern dayrelations buildingrelationshipsromancevisual novel.

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Written by White Shadow A maths and science tutor, indie games developer, and graphics artist mainly in pixel art. Also the game is amazing btw. Further reading. See Our Writers. Follow SaveOrQuit.

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