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Espanol woman seek guy especially for adult games tumblr

This is a mirror which it was originally published on Next Generation website. You can find a backup on Web Archive.

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Years old: 40
Nationality: Spanish
Color of my iris: I’ve got bright gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Hair color: White
What is my body features: I'm quite skinny
What I prefer to listen: My favourite music reggae

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Just kidding, just kidding. MDots composes his renders in many ways, e. In the sex scenes, there are close ups to show the physical contact and allow for an empathetic reaction to the feel of the touch. That is followed by a shot showing some portion of the body and face to show the emotional facial reaction of the character.

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I have a theater and film background, in that order, and imo Daz3d VNs gain more visually from film than from theater. Too may VNs suffer from a static proscenium shot mentality.

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This would be a scene shot from the front as if the audience were watching the scene from the front and thru the frame of a proscenium. However, with Daz, you can place the camera POV anywhere.

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It can be behind the character, directly above, wide shot, extreme closeup… it takes time, but why not take full advantage? You might start with a facial closeup as character A says something that will result in a kiss. The next cut might be a close duo head shot as character B reacts and character A sees that reaction.

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The next cut might result in a hand on the cheek by A to B - in a moderate closeup you see the reactions of both - and in an extreme closeup, you only see hand and cheek, giving a visceral moment for the VN reader to focus on that moment and imagine how it would feel.

The same with a closeup of the actual kiss.

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A closer shot shows the faces in reaction, including if on is both or one eye open, giving a different message. Posts Ask me almost anything Submit a post that does not suck Archive. What would the best way to contact be? Daz3d - VNs - and Film I have a theater and film background, in that order, and imo Daz3d VNs gain more visually from film than from theater.

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