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I'm search adult rags game that loves cheerleaders

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Warning: this game doesn't contain explicit content, but it does contain references to an older man lusting after an underage girl, which some may find disturbing. You are a middle-aged man with a wife and daughter, with an interest in your daughter's best friend. You use a formula developed by your scientist wife, "boosted" by a spell from a witchy neighbor to try to get close to her. Unfortunately for you, your neighbor has a malicious streak and a bit of a grudge against men who cheat with younger girls. I've played through this game multiple times and seen all of the endings, with what I found to be quite high quality work.

My age: 36
Nationality: I was born in Scotland
I like: Guy
Color of my eyes: Misty hazel
My figure type: My figure features is quite chubby
What I like to drink: Cider

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Thread starter muttdoggy Start date Oct 7, female protagonist male protagonist real porn text based. Discussion Reviews 1. Aug 6, 7, 37, About this game collection: This is a collection I've amassed over the years. Why not help this site get a virtual library? Hey- if you want to add anything, go ahead and tell me and I'll add your link to this list with my thanks. I've noted which games should be run with the 3.

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RAGS Collection. Reactions: KheruCentrophyMarley77 and 65 others. DMonkey Newbie. Aug 16, 55 Unfaithful 0. Aug 17, 78 DMonkey said:.

Reactions: Sharku. If only to help people considering how buggy it is. Aug 13, 56 It's really too bad Blood Wars was never finished Thanks for the great though! Aug 6, 21 5.

Change the decimal symbol to "," then everything will be fine. Zeph Active Member Donor. Aug 5, Lilith Device is not finished and is in ongoing development. Yes, there hasnt been an update in 2 years, however captain has posted recently and hopes to have an update out by the end of the year.

If I remember that right, I could be wrong, hes still active and working on the game though, thats certain. Reactions: muttdoggy. Michael Newbie. Aug 6, 34 Zeph said:. Michael said:. Sorry, Which Decimal?

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Reactions: bosedk. Updated Me Against the World to 0. It's a game where you play a slaver who owns a harem of various races of slaves in a camp with overseers, assistants, and trainers. You also make trips to get supplies, kidnap more slaves, and go on raids. That's a very oversimplified explanation. Saikuya Not a Weeb Donor. Thank you. Ted Daddy.

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Aug 17, Well I do hope the collection helps with that. With all the "sticking" going on, I'm surprised we don't have a forum maid. Aug 19, 26 8. Any chance we could get a torrent of this? So if you like one of them you should try others too. Thatguy I exist. Respected User. Aug 5, 1, 3, Tried Man of the House and who ever made it really needs to figure out how to add the videos he got his images from to Rags games like I've seen people do or cut out the massive amounts of images used.

I have a Blood Wars walkthrough game is dead but pretty long and fun. Also Unfaithful is basically Living with Temptation but the wife is a hot red head and the nanny is a brunette.

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Blood Wars Walkthrough. Show hidden low quality content.

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