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In Unholy Arts, every character makes their own choices, and they involve love, passion, and power. Your actions have a direct impact on the relationships and if achieving goals is possible. You never know what's lurking behind the cor

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There are more transformation games out there than ever before!

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So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the top 25 transformation games. Warning — more than a few of these games are NSFW! Mice Tea by Cinnamon Switch.

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Mice Tea is a visual novel game set in a modern day setting following the adventures of Margaret and an unusual brand of tea. From there it sets off a cascade of events that you get to choose how they play out. While the TF content is very light in this preview of the game overall it has quite the nice little set up!

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The cast of characters range are mostly early twenty somethings dealing with life in their own ways. As for the TF content of the game most of it revolves around the main character transforming into a mouse via a tea. Quite simple right?

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Well the tea seems to have different effects on different drinkers. Throw in a bit of transformation of gender and a bit of shrinking and that rounds out about most of the TF found in this game. For a freely developed game it has quite a pleasant sound track and overall the art assets are quite cute! No two characters in the story look the same and all talk very distinctly from one another. While a tad short it is only a preview of the madness that could come about later. A word of warning however, there is explicit content adult tf games this game. Almost all in sexual content but, nothing too extreme.

I for one am certainly looking forward to the rest of this game and you can follow the development of this game here! While the game itself is still in active development the game feels form complete; maybe tweaking card values here or there. What cards you get however is completely up to you.

The underworld: a transformation game

If you stay towards more brainy cards you can get latter benefits and synergies to help keep your own transformation low. However if you dig in and use lust cards you can get extra draw and deck control for cheaper but, run the risk of being transformed. Wanna turn someone into a big breasted bimbo, done.

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Wanna transform into a witch and cast spells on folks, done. Wanna see someone turn into a human-cow Humcow in game done. With such a solid base for the game to stand on it surely is on its way to be one of the better in development games out of TFgamesite. And if you would like to learn more, please for a more comprehensive review! Growth Academy by The Soylent Orange. Choose from weight gain, muscle adult tf games, breast expansion, ass expansion, giantess, and more. The game features a ton of high quality art, sound effects, character cutscenes, and more.

Monster Hearts 2 by Avery Adler. The central dynamic is secret identities and slow transformations, with characters becoming werewolves, vampires, snake folk, demons, ghouls, and other kinds of monsters. The developer has taken a lot of care to help facilitate love triangles for the players, support options for LGBTQ and poly relationships, and more. You see that picture up there? Legion of Everblight is one of many factions in this tabletop skirmish game.

In the Hordes setting dragons are basically Lovecraftian horrors, corrupting and changing everything they touch. Followers of the dragon Everblight are all in the process of transforming into more dragon-like forms and the sculpts of the miniatures reflect this. Other miniatures in the faction display mutations such as additional limbs, horns, vestigial wings, but the Incubi are one of the most dramatic examples. In terms of game play this means that each turn you get to choose how the Warpwolves mutate. Circle Orboros also features the Tharn, bloodthirsty berserkers who transform into bestial giants.

In the case Kromac the Ravenous the transformation is represented by using two separate miniatures, one for his normal state and one for his transformed state. Miniatures in all of the factions have very impressive sculpts and the adult tf games is very easy to pick up and play with starter boxes existing for each faction.

Privateer Press also sponsors regular events at local gaming stores to teach new players the game and provide a friendly and welcoming community.

The top 25 transformation games

There are other tabletop games with transformation elements, but Hordes stands out for how it combines dynamic miniatures and transformation mechanics. It has an open world and tons of NPCs for an extremely immersive experience, with hours upon hours of playtime.

But what sets this game apart is the amazing love that the developer, Narukami92, has shown the project. Narukami has continuously updated the game over time, adding in new features such as new characters, areas, side quests, minigames, and more.

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Vale City is supported by Patreon but the game itself is free for everyone. Gaining Perspective by Geek Dragon. Gaining Perspective is a free, text-based game that focuses on weight gain. Unlike other transformation games, which often have a lighthearted tone or focus on the fantastical elements of weight gain, Gaining Perspective does its best to keep things fairly realistic. That means a dark, gritty story which can body horror and fairly unpleasant consequences. For example, originally the player was meant to be male, but then the game was updated so you could be male or female.

As a game developer, I know how much an headache a seemingly small feature like that can be, so kudos to them for adding that. Want an exciting game that feels like a horror genre with some exciting twists involving weight gain? In the game, you play as a girl who wakes up in a strange underground dungeon as you must solve a way to survive while avoiding many odd and creative ways the game will stop you such as giant monsters to traps that will tempt you.

Adult tf games makes the game unique is that when you fail, the game shows you how you failed in some more humorous or slightly dark such as being smothered by large-bodied, or being captured by an evil fat chef and being used as an ingredient. One even has you turned into an insect servant. It may be frustrating, but the game outright encourages you sometimes to fail to see the various endings. Nimin by Xadera Another text game, Nimin shines because of the writing.


The encounters and sex scenes are beautifully and carefully written. Xadera created Nimin on her own, writing and coding every scene. Unlike Corruption of Championsthe world of Nimin is far more peaceful and bright. As you explore the world you can discover new places and encounter different NPCs, some of whom give you quests to go on.

The quests are simple, unlocking different sex scenes and stories about the world. Breast expansion, lactation, and pregnancy feature heavily in the game so if enjoy those, the game is well worth it for those aspects alone. I just wish that the gameplay was more present, especially early on as starting out can be rough until you get a feel for things. Of course in the end that only makes the whole experience more rewarding.

The underworld: a transformation game

The story dressing is you play as a somewhat bumbling thief who puts on a cursed amulet that allows you to transform into a werewolf state whenever he steps into a moon beam. Using human form you must use control panels, squeeze through gaps and swim across ponds, while in werewolf form you can push boxes, stand on buttons and dig through piles of dirt. Definitely worth a bit of puzzling fun. This is an update of one of those old NES games that paradoxically get easier the further you get. The controls feel slippery and monsters have a tendency to stun-lock you but you can return the favorand as stated it can be teeth grinding-ly hard with some platforming sections.

They lock you into one form and present the hardest enemies and platforming possible. Complete five of them though and you can buy the best sword in the game. All in all a fun game with a nice effect to switch the sound and visuals to retro 8-bit styles whenever. Corruption of Champions by Fenexo. There are so many different transformations in it, well written sex scenes contributed by numerous fans, and many encounters, both hostile and otherwise, to be found across the world of Mareth. The game world is fascinating and developed, and your quest to protect your village from the demons and corrupt creatures of adult tf games world is engaging.

More so, your stats are modified by the transformations you undergo and the way you chose to develop your stats has real impact on gameplay. There are quests and subplots for you to follow as you wish and your actions have consequences, gaining you followers or unlocking new scenes and characters to meet.