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Here are links to some web sites that might interest you on the subject of AIF.

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Squad size: Average age: Foreigners: 9 National team players: 1. Stadium: Strandvallen 7. The squad overview lists all player stats for a selected season.

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There has been a lot of talk, off and on for quite a while actually, about having a central location for all the games.

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What I am proposing here is building on those lists, filling in the gaps, and adding a couple of things that neither of them had. Most notably I would like it to list the sex of the PC and the types of content in the game.

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Here is an example list with just my games to show what I envision it looking like. Ideally, what I would love is for one person to step forward and say they wanted to take up the challenge of compiling the list.

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As mentioned, I think the hardest thing about this is going to be collecting the content information. It should be a simple matter for you to jot down the titles and content and shoot them off to us.

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To the players out there it should be nearly as simple for you to list out the content of games that you have played recently and send those in. If everyone sent in information on just a couple of games then we could have the bulk of the list completed rather quickly.

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If one person is required to play through all the games to collect information on game content then it might never get done. To anyone who does send in a list I ask that you not use abbreviations. Once we have the information we will decide on common abbreviations and include a key so that people know what they all mean.

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In fact, instead of single words it would be okay to describe the content in sentences if that is easier or if the situation is complicated. As an example, take my Archie game above. I list ff and voy voyeur as part of the content.

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This is because the PC is not actually directly involved in this scene. I could have sent in a description like this:.

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From that we would be able to decide what content tags to put for the game. In addition to the above, if anyone has suggestions for added that you think should be on the list then now is the time to suggest them, not after the list has already been posted.

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For instance, I had thought to include a rating category so that people new to the community or those just looking for a game to play would have some information about quality. I hesitate to do this since any rating would be a much more subjective piece of information than the rest on the list.

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Anyway, I think that is quite long enough at this point. Anyone wanting to submit information, ask questions, make suggestions, or anything else should send all comments to:.