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Mobile games are often considered bottom-of-the-barrel, thanks to so many greedy free-to-play titles that have taken advantage of their customers over the years. But this doesn't mean there aren't any quality F2P titles out there. You just have to dig a bit, which is exactly what I've done in order to elevate some of the better options out there.

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Apple and Google are two of the most powerful gaming companies on earth. The success of their mobile operating systems, iOS and Android, respectively, created a huge ecosystem of games and potential players. You may need to trudge through exploitative, free-to-play garbage to find them, but there are many great games on mobile devices. New subscription services make it easier than ever to spot those gems.

Here are the best android games of , as voted for by reddit

Apple Arcade offers best android game reddit exclusive curated catalog of premium mobile games. GameClub resurrects mobile gaming classics from both ecosystems in one subscription. Razer Phone offers a great gaming experience at the cost of other phone featureswhile the Razer Junglecat controller makes it easy to play Android games on a television. Google Cardboard turns your Android phone into an accessible virtual reality heet. Check out these mobile games for your Android device of choice. For you non-gamers, we also have a list of best Android apps.

Among Us dominated the gaming world in as the perfect, paranoid, quarantine pastime, even though it technically launched in As you and your fellow astronaut friends work together to fix your spaceship, secret saboteurs work to quietly kill you all. Whether you use good old-fashioned social manipulation to flush out the truth, or lie your head off to continue the ruse, trust nothing and no one.

On mobile, however, the playing field is a little more even. Arena of Valor, from Chinese megacorporation Tencent, is one of the best ways you can enjoy this truly bizarre real-time strategy genre on the go. Give me any device that plays Crossy Road, and I will absolutely try to get that chicken across the road again. The Frogger formula works wonderfully as a methodical endless runner.

The best android games for

The colorful voxel look is iconic, and chickens are just inherently funny. In Downwell, you plummet down randomized stages using guns strapped to your feet. The goal? Pull off the most stylish runs possible before death. Bullets not only kill enemies, but help you hover in the air for crucial repositioning. The levels themselves are retro and mostly monochrome, save for the occasional red splashes.

The vertical orientation really sells the feeling of falling.

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Before you play the big-budget remake on PlayStation 4, experience the original game that elevated Final Fantasy from popular JRPG to beloved cultural institution. In this mobile Final Fantasy VIICloud and his friends may not have as many polygons as their console and PC counterparts, but they have just as much heart.

The best mobile games, according to reddit

New cheat codes make it easy to experience the story, without getting bogged down in battles. Arguably a huge reason why Fortnite became as popular as it did is because you can fully participate in its battle royales for free on mobile. Now available on Google Play, manufacturers even use Fortnite as a selling point for their premium phones. Let's just hope Epic and Google squash their beef. How versatile is the Warcraft franchise?

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And after that, the developer created the deep, accessible, and utterly addictive digital collectible card game: Hearthstone. It seems the only thing this brand can't do is be a good movie. Levels resemble tabletop board games, and you take turns moving an Agent 47 game piece around to snuff out his targets. Fortunately, the darkly comic strategy remains, and the clean, elegant aesthetic feels appropriate for someone who makes a living through dispassionate professional killing. For years, pretenders have attempted to bring the smash hit MOBA genre to mobile phones, but with League of Legends: Wild Riftthe biggest name in the field makes its true Android debut.

Traditional strategies still apply as you, your team, and your minions, battle the enemy team for control of the map. Thanks to the smaller, mobile-friendly battlefield, and revamped touch controls for moving and casting spells, fights are even faster and more frenetic than before.

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Monument Valley became the poster child for mobile games as art, and for good reason. By letting us hunt creatures in our own backyards, Pokemon Go turned our real world into the world of Pokemon. Check out our Pokemon Go tips for more. Reigns takes the casual swiping interface of a dating app and uses it to have players make earth-shaking decisions as a medieval monarch.

Reigns: Her Majesty swaps out the king for a queen, and adds robust management mechanics alongside richer writing. Thatgamecompany made a name for itself with a trio of acclaimed indie art games: Flow, Flower, and Journey.

Android police

Sky: Children of Light definitely follows in that tradition. This is a family-friendly MMO about holding hands and soaring through skies of open, non-linear, theme park-esque levels. Like in Journey, you communicate nonverbally through various emotes, allowing connections that span continents and language barriers. Mobile gaming is great for spontaneous local multiplayer sessions, because everyone carries a phone. Spaceteam leverages that idea by tasking players to shout Star Trek -esque technobabble at each other to cooperate and keep their spaceship functioning before time runs out.

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No other platform could support a game that uniquely fantastic. A game about checking in on your farm for a few minutes every day is the kind of game you want on your phone. Plus, if your real dating app starts to get too depressing, you can romance these kind-hearted video game country folks instead. Throw in the trash and play Threes, the original, superior puzzle game about sliding ed tiles together to create the biggest combos possible. Along with a rock-solid puzzle hook, Threes charms with its soft pastel aesthetics that burst with character.

The game is now free withso you have no excuse.

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Learn more. Updated May 20, Copy Link. Among Us. Free at Google Play. Arena of Valor. Crossy Road. Final Fantasy VII. Free at Epic Games.

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Hitman Go. League of Legends: Wild Rift. Minecraft 4. Monument Valley. Pokemon Go. Reigns: Her Majesty. Sky: Children of Light. Stardew Valley. Thanks for ing up! Your subscription has been confirmed.

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