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Extrovert baby seek guy to best game torrent sites reddit

So I used Kat for the longest time and it got shut down but nbd because of kodi. Well now I want to update my media server.

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Hey guys. While I'm not new to the game downloading from torrent sites, I've pretty much only used a couple of sites to get them from and would like a list of the best ones out there. I'd like them to have the latest games, cracks and add-ons of possible. Make sure to read the stickied megathread, as there's a good chance it'll have what you're looking for!

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Well first thank you a lot for the quick reply. I subscribed to all the subs you mentioned above.

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I don't know anything about trackers or private trackers but I will read about them more. True, I support that.

I have a really big library of games I bought through steam but currently there are games that I want to try first and if it turned out as bad as MGS Phantom Pain -which I bought and played for many hours and I hated it badly- then I will not pay for it. But if it was the same case with Mad Max -which I downloaded a cracked version of it and loved it- then I would do it just and buy the game, same I did with Mad Max. Trailers and even few minutes of gameplay can fool you.

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Imagine buying a car that was advertised it was perfection itself but turns out a part of it's mechanism force the gearbox to make a loud fart sound every time it changes gears. TL;DR: will buy the game if it was good, wont buy it if it turned out bad.

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TL has diablo and Age of Empires every time I want to download them every few years. Goto goodoldgames.

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Type GOG in the search bar. Almost all of the games are on pirate bay.

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What's the best website to get torrents for pc games? Im currently getting my torrents from thepiratebay.

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Sort by: best. I generally just use KAT. Rarbg is very good for a public tracker.

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Hit a steam sale. The games are often dirt cheap.

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Continue this thread. KickAss may have what you're looking for.

Top 10 best torrent sites for to download % working torrents

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