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While some video game developers cough, Ubisoftcough have demonstrated an aversion to putting female characters in the lead role of big-budget videogames, a of top-selling games have celebrated their female protagonists. Here's a list of some standout games with great heroines.

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There can be no denying that, in the past, women in video games have been overlooked at best, and poorly written fan service at worst. Thankfully, though, things are now changing. Developers and publishers are realizing that women actually do play games, are worth writing about, and games with female protagonists do sell. Female protagonists are part of a growing trend in video games as developers look to branch away from the burly macho men of yesteryear. As always, the indie scene is also doing a fantastic job of providing us with layered and flawed characters of both sexes. Updated July 11, by Tom Bowen: Equal representation in video games has become a big talking point in recent years, and it seems that developers are now finally starting to listen.

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While some video game developers cough, Ubisoftcough have demonstrated an aversion to putting female characters in the lead role of big-budget videogames, a of top-selling games have celebrated their female protagonists.

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Here's a list of some standout games with great heroines. Courtesy Guerrilla Games. In Horizon: Zero Dawn, a girl named Aloy is born into a beautiful land populated with an intricate ecosystem of robot dinosaurs. When adventure calls, she embarks to conquer the wilderness, discover herself, and uncover the mysteries of the past.

She's a well-written and well-voice-acted character who dodges unnecessary sexualization, and the game she stars in is worth every minute. To all my Kings and Queens but especially to the Queens aloy horizonzerodawn videogame transformation gamingoutfit fyp.

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Courtesy Valve Corporation. Half-Life: Alyx is a virtual-reality game in the popular Half-Life series, but this time stars the ly-supporting-character Alyx Vance in her fight against alien occupation of Earth. Players control Alyx and see from her viewpoint as she sneaks, shoots, and survives the tyranny of the Combine. Courtesy Retro Studios.

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The Metroid series is longrunning—since its inception into 's super-popular Super Metroid, to Metroid Prime 4 probably coming out the end of this year, a constant through it all is the protagonist Samus Aran. She's a spacefaring bounty hunter in a high-tech metal suit and endures as one of the most iconic characters in gaming. Assassin's Creed Odyssey was a smash hit.

Set in the historical playground of the ancient Mediterranean, Odyssey lets you pick your protagonist from Kassandra and her brother Alexios—both tough-as-nails Spartan soldiers.

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While the game's story suffers from a lack of specificity since it needs to accomodate either Kassandra or AlexiosKassandra seems to indicate a new trend for Ubisoft. The next installment in the Assassin's Creed series, Valhalla, seems to feature a female protagonist as well. Courtesy of Naughty Dog. The Last of Us: Part II released this year as the hotly-anticipated sequel to Sony's flagship apocalypse-survival game.

8 best female protagonists in video games

Ellie, the secondary character in Part Itakes main stage in the return to the dark and tragic world The Last of Us. In a tale of tragedy and revenge, Ellie must navigate other groups survivors, zombies, and even worse monsters and demonstrates the kind of powerful character writing the medium is capable of. Courtesy of Crystal Dynamics. Lara Croft of Tomb Raider fame has been around in some capacity since when technological limitations meant an unfortunately small of polygons where used for her character model.

Then, inthe series had a reboot starring a younger Lara supported by more powerful graphics. Through all iterations, Lara Croft remains a resilient and cunning adventurer and one of gaming's most recognizable heroines.

8 best female protagonists in video games

She has some decent movies, too, I suppose. Courtesy Platinum Games.

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The bullet-slinging witch Bayonetta from the games of the same name is bombast incarnate. Wearing a suit of her own hair with guns on her hands and feet, Bayonetta uses magic and gun-fu to fight legions of celestial and demonic badguys. Bayonetta 1 and 2 play like a high-speed fever dream, all led by the over-the-top sass of the Umbral Witch herself.

10 best pc games with female protagonist

If stylish, frantic action is your thing, check out Bayonetta. Courtesy of Matt Makes Games.

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Celeste is a beautiful game about a mountain named Celeste and a girl named Madeline who sets off to climb it. Madeline jumps and climbs with very responsive controls as she learns about overcoming personal challenges and making meaningful friends. Celeste made waves as an independent game and remains a classic for those looking to try out an indie studio product. Surely, many great heroines have been left of this list. Leave a comment with your submissions!

10 best pc games with female protagonist

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Category:video games featuring female protagonists

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