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Big brother h game girl search guy to flirtbook

In this release there is a complete game from Dark Silver, which, in turn, is modified and includes a huge of additional events. Therefore, this is an unofficial version of 0. You do not need to copy something and transfer it somewhere.

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Year: Version: 0. Main character — Max, young guy who is living in poor family with mother and two sisters.

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Big brother – mod from the smirniy – version + guide

Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Even with cheats the grind is just horrendous. The renders are pretty decent and the content is just average for a porn game. However, the grind is the worst. I thought I could skip the grind with mods, but this game is nearly impossible to navigate without a walkthrough and all the key events are pointlessly spaced far apart, plus there's no button to skip an entire day so you have to spam click to pass each day. The characters are good, properly written than most i'll say.

Majority of the time I am lost in this game.

The audience become the houseguests.

And the competition with Eric. Like I said, this was written with a lot of work and I respect that. It just wasn't written nearly close to my liking. Mainly because of the grind and the NTR. Everything else about it can be considered perfect.

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Wow the grind, just to much grind and very little progress. Even with cheats I had to give up. It was unplayable. I extracted the images from the game and it doesn't have much sex actually. The images are also a bit dated now in This was one of my favorite from all the hentai games out there ever it had amazing story and really good characters it really broke my heart when it stopped being updated and i really hope it will pick up again one day because i doubt theres someone that hates it.

Flawed but amazing. This is a game that leaves an emotional trace.


Unlike many forgettable Visual Novels which gets you laid with a secondary character in a few seconds, you have to earn everything in Big Brother. And earning sexual favors from the members of your family is insanely rewarding.

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However, there are some problems in terms of gameplay. It's easy to be lost without a walkthrough. It's abandoned, and superseded by the game "Glamour" which is far from being a good game. Nonetheless, I liked having such a painful antagonist to beat, I liked the mom being such a desirable and unattainable reward, I like the amazing renders. Almost no game on F95 comes close to Big Brother, this is a bittersweet observation, since it'll never be completed I played this game for a whole day and gave up.

Couldn't bare to finish it. Even with the cheats enabled it's a complete grindfest that le to little to none content in the end.


You do the same mundane things over and over again to achieve a laughable progress. Some of those things you must repeatedly do are too much of an effort and very time consuming. Let's say you want a bag of pistachios. You go to shop and you learn that you must do some excruciatingly boring stuff whole day in order to do that.

At the end of the day all you get is a half of a single pistachio and the owner tells you to come in next week to get the other half.

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I'm not one bit exaggerating. That's how it's like progress in the game.

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UI looks okay and works fine other than that there's no guidance,no mission logs,no trace back and information on your progress is quite lacking. You don't know what route you are on and what to follow.

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Like there's this one nudist girl that does all kinds of kinky stuff and finally when you have a chance to bang her she comes up with a ridiculous excuse contradictory with her character and tells you next time. Women constantly denies your attempts even sometimes what you ask to do much more simple before what you did with them. Sexual scenes are short,not much happens and quite unsatisfying. You can't see what you want to see because of the angles. There's always some view block of the female assets. It's like you are watching one of those erotic movies on the government channels that are cut off and censored.

Game constantly tries to tease you with little soft sexual action and sexual dialogue like in the end you gonna get some hardcore shit but fails miserably on both of them. Renders and models are good but none of them are mindblowing. All of them are a weak attempt to tease and keep you hooked up enough to make you bare through the bs in the game.

Mc is a dumbass. Incompetent moron and a gasbag.

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Half of the time he made me think "whenever this guy's gonna grow balls omfg" and the other times he made me yell "MAX STFU" at the screen at some point. He peeps at women when they are showering or while they are getting dressed and blackmails them to reveal their breast and such but can't figure out what to do in order to go further. Even when its's obvious. Doesn't know what to say and in some stiuations when he says something he fucks up everything. He is defensive about the women around him and wants to keep them to all himself but he set's up cams all over the house let people watch them getting fucked and he let's his mother get fucked.

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Speaking of cams you can set them up to allow people to watch but you can't watch them yourself? Looking at my rants about the MC you may think maybe he's more of a cuck guy.

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Considering him and the game's progress I tought the same. I tought maybe this game was meant to play as a NTR. Sadly no. Still too little progress too little content and the MC is still dumb as a brick.

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I don't get how this game got such high rating. How could have people kept playing and supporting this horseshit of a game? Few people complaining about the same things as I did whereas everyone treating the game as a second coming of jesus.

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I'm glad this game is abondoned. I'd never ever play this game again under these circumtances. Game's solely meant to milk their patreons for a long duration of time. It shows and it's disgusting. If you value your time and yourself you better keep away from it. Fuck this game.

Big brother - mod from the smirniy [] [uncen] [adv, 3dcg] [rus,eng] h-game

I decided to replay this. I keep seeing so much hype from people about it. I figured maybe I missed something. Sadly I didn't it is the same lack luster pile of crap it was when I first played it. There are countless issues with the story beside the main character being the biggest wet noodle of all time.

He has all this access to cameras and can't manage to record one conversation Eric fucking his sister. All he would need to do is have it play on the TV on one of the nights the two of them sit on the couch Eric would be toast. That however is sheepish even for me.