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Explore the streets outside and use your camera to collect cars in this up-and-coming game!

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Level up your character with each vehicle you collect.

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The top based on the latest update are Car Thief Simulator [Score: Plan unique car thefts, hide them and sell the legalized parts on the market. The simulator will allow the player to experience life in an illegal environment full of gangs and dirty business. Earn a fortune by running your own Chop Shop.

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Can you imagine owning any car you want? The life of a car thief can be very exciting! Car chases, adrenaline, breaking into secured places and much more. As a car thief, you have to be smart, trust no-one and be very quick when breaking into cars or garages. Developer: Two Horizons S. Drive super-tuned cars into the Open World of underground and illegal racing through city streets. Simulate repairing and upgrading the performance or appearance of unique high-performance cars.

Chop shop simulator will allow you to manage your own illegal underground business!

Outsmart the police pursuits and earn a fortune in the rivalry as an Absolute Outlaw Driver! Windows Steam Achievements Full controller support. The "Early Days" prologue to Gas Station Simulator where you buy an abandoned gas station in the middle of nowhere, fix it up and start running it. Windows Steam Achievements Steam Leaderboards. Take your opportunity as a real Rally Mechanic.

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Overcome all the obstacles that the reckless racers throw at you - including unrepairable parts, time limitations and more. Take good care of your rally cars so that on the next special they will perform as good as if they came out of the factory. Windows Steam Achievements. Find yourself in the dark world of shady business and surprise everyone with your skills behind the wheel. As a professional driver of illegal shipments, you must be everywhere on time, preferably ahead of time. Adapt your car to each order, plan the route and break some rules.

Deers across the globe delivered de magic.

Windows Full controller support. Take a part in car repair missions on the ro. Grow your small business into the best roide assistance in the town. Help customers in need and save their cars from breaking down. Emergency Road Services Simulator will teach you how to deal with minor and major car breakdowns.

Enter the World of Diesel! Grab some of the biggest four-wheelers. Trick these trucks, flip them for a profit or race against your friends online.

Chop shop - mobile game logo needed for car fanatics!

This can go hard or this can go diesel! Minimum: OS: Windows 7 bit or Newer. Doesn't support Mac OS. Enjoy managing your own factory and shop in a big open world to explore and make your own successes story. Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths is a truck driving simulator, in which you play as a professional driver and carry the most diverse lo across the South American frontiers where the greatest challenge is the wilderness and capricious aura of nature.

Launch your own business from scratch! Starting with a small coffee booth, build the most popular food service chain in town. Experiment, develop, make a profit. Minimum: OS: Windows 8 Processor: intel core i 3. A mechanic's life is not a bed of roses. Especially when you repair agricultural machinery that degrades faster than the morals of a country girl who just moved to the big city.

With Farm Mechanic Simulator you have the chance to prove that there is no tractor that cannot be resurrected. Disassembling a car into parts and selling them later is nothing difficult for you, after all, you are the owner of chop shop games cars' scrapyard - and this is Car Scrapyard Simulator! Expand your headquarters full of broken and used cars.

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Manage your empire - a scrap empire! Let your childhood dreams come true and become a full-time train models collector! Buy vintage or modern trains and wagons. Paint them, use stickers, or even de them from a scratch! Then plan a landscape and lay tracks.

And don't forget to charge the visitors for viewing your unique collection! In Junkyard Simulator you play as owner of scrap yard, which with his own hands is trying to create the largest junkyard in the area. The way you do it depends on your decision! Do you want to manually search and collect the best scrap?

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Achieve your american dream as a small businessman in the car industry. Build, upgrade and modernize your car wash to attract more clients. You also need to be wary of your growing competition and other, not entirely legal, factions, that would love to take part in your success. Roide Assistance Simulator is an FPP game that will allow you to prove yourself as a road assistance specialist. Get behind the wheel of your mobile auto repair shop, complete orders and earn money to grow your business. The most complete and authentic official WRC simulation yet. New physics for all surfaces, a completely redeed career mode, dynamic weather conditions, 50 teams, 14 countries, tracks, weekly challenges and an eSports modeā€¦.

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In the game FatEx Courier Simulator, you play as a courier for special tasks. You will have to deliver many parcels, despite all adversities. There are 1.

Chop shop simulator will allow you to manage your own illegal underground business!

But how many good drivers are there? Is everyone of them trained and competent? Find out while playing Let's Drive, a driving school simulator that shows you hazardous situations on the road and puts you right in them. Developer: FreeMind S. Birding Simulator is a fully immersive ornithology game with a compelling backstory that places players inside of a virtual forest, populated by thousands of unique North American bird species. Explore the wilderness and learn how to make perfectly-timed camera shots. Start your own funeral home business and whether it is the right fit for you.

Build your hearse, transfer the remains, prepare bodies for burial, and make a decent income.

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Death knows how to keep you busy. Become a thief in VR! Feel the thrill of stealing in free roam sandbox neighborhoods. Use lockpicks and hi-tech hacking tools. Observe your target, gather information and hide from police. Or drive a car like crazy to get out of trouble! Contact: [ protected] Twitter: SteamPeek. This is a live experiment. Any information may be already outdated or simply wrong. All media, including copyrights, trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

This site is strictly informational, the goal is to support the creative teams behind the games. There are no downlo here.

Chop shop - mobile game logo needed for car fanatics!

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Chop Shop Simulator. Include tags s 's 2. Promotion supporting the site:. Requested game details.

Chop shop - mobile game logo needed for car fanatics!

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