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If you prefer to see the games listed with a brief for each game and screenshots see the enriched multiplayer sex games list and the singleplayer sex games list. All ratings in this multiplayer sex game list are based upon the opinion of our team as a result of a detailed game review. For the average user rating based on multiple user ratings or reviews follow the link to the respective game review .

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What are the best sex games on PC? Or houses in low-lying flood plains.

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The XXX gaming market is booming. Online multiplayer virtual RPGs are immensely popular and many now include VR, teledildonics and social networking features. In this PC sex games guide, we bring you our pick of the best titles to download for Windows computers. Developed by the popular adult gaming platform, Thrixxx, this fetish inspired sex game features all kinds of kinks including BDSM.

A fully customisable sex-sim, 3D Kink lets you play the role of director so you can put together your own 3D porn scenes. From casting and directing to controlling the cameras and positions, there is lo of gameplay to be had here with plenty of variety in props, outfits and sex positions to try out. In all you get access to more than 7, sex toys, 18, outfits, 76, poses and 62, models! Thrixxx are known for their high-quality HD graphics and this game features some stunningly realistic images that really pop off the screen plus players form part of a highly active community of gamers who share plenty of additional content to enhance and extend your experience.

The game is launched using a desktop Game Launcher and is free to download; computer sex games, there are lots of premium features and expansions packs available to buy which are definitely worth investing in if you want to fully explore your kinky side. Another 3D sex simulation game brought to you by Thrixxx, 3D Sex Villa 2 is an opportunity for you to make your own porn just the way you like it. Similar in style and functionality to 3D Kinkthis was the original title from which many competitors shaped their own sex sim games but 3D Sex Villa 2 still holds up.

The game lets you create and record your own fantasy scenes featuring a cast of characters that you have customized to computer sex games own tastes. And, with the addition of custom sex packs and user-generated content, there is enough here to really suit anyone.

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In all, there are more thanunique toys, poses, models and clothes to play with so this title should keep you occupied for many hours. Available to play for free using the Thrixxx desktop game launcher, additional features can be purchased to boost and extend your gameplay. Read our full 3D Sex Villa 2 review. Available to download and play through the Steam Desktop application or direct from the developers, SinVR is a sex sim PC game for use with Virtual Reality heets and controllers.

Released inthe graphics and animations are pretty good and you get plenty of control when it comes to the camera views and sexual positions.

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The base game is free to download and play but only features one playable scene; the rest of the content must be purchased as add-ons or via a subscription. A visual novel style game with wonderfully immersive graphics, this title will also be available with full VR support. You can check out an computer sex games version of the game through Steam. Read our full SinVR review. A standalone PC download, this title from the developers of Active Dolls is a 3D animated sex sim set in a sun-drenched beachside city. Your role is to create scenes using a cast of female characters and have them indulge in as much solo or lesbian action as you can handle.

As a director, you can choose everything from the casting and lighting to camera angles and props. The game is pretty popular although it is the expansion pack of Legs and Feet which has proven the title as a solid favorite in the fetish community.

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With the addition of pantyhose, stockings and additional lingerie, you can indulge yourself in some fantasy foot sex. Read our full Girlvania Summer Lust review. An impressive and advanced HD game with ultra-realistic graphics, Sex World 3D is another sex sim game with lo of content including some truly outrageous positions, sexy models and eye-watering sex toys. You basically get to create your computer sex games movies using interactive story-telling with customizable text titling, audio and special effects as well as controlling your own camera shots.

Control sliders let you create avatars based on everything from age and gender to detailed physical features such as:. The toys, props and accessories are equally as extensive and include everything from your basic BDSM tools whips, chains and cuffs to vegetables, dildos and vibrators. The game is available to download for your PC as well as other devices but does require monthly membership in order to play and receive weekly content updates. Featuring some hyper-realistic scenes and animations you can be forgiven for, at times, believing you had stumbled onto the set of a real adult film studio.

Start by creating your own custom character with the usual avatar features including physical attributes and adds on outfits, hair and piercings etc but then you can also use voice controls to manipulate the sound of your perfect woman. From here you just need to start exploring the vast collection of scenes and locations to let your character interact with the rest of the cast. You get access to an extensive collection of ways to control the action and this can range from vanilla to a full on fetish-fest…whatever floats your boat.

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Read our full Virtual Lust 3D review. A sandbox time management game where you play the role of a boring everyman, Hardtime in Hornstown lets users create a new life in this fetish themed game. Earn money and experience with each new day and increase your personal skills, intelligence, charm and fitness to advance. Computer sex games with some stunning graphics to boot, the title has been developed with the support of crowdfunding through the Patreon website. Patrons get free updates earlier than the public release and can vote on how the game evolves. Story-wise, there are some great narratives to explore including witchcraft, foot fetish and sugar daddies as well as prostitution, sissification and cuckolding.

There are thousands of characters to experiment with and many have a kinky side with the focus on this title being very much an exploration of alt-sex. Read our full BoneCraft review. Offering hours of gameplay this adventure sim game has been developed by the indie team at Faerin Games. You play the role of the central character, a man living in a house with three women.

Each girl has their own personality and requires different tactics to be seduced but how you do this and with who is up to you. There are over 3, images to enjoy, each rendered beautifully and or more are animated with some collectable cosplay images.

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Instead, it is your job to Farm, Flirt and Fight your way to victory by cultivating your crops, romancing NPCs and battling your enemies. There are lots of sexy goings on in the township where you have your homestead including some inter-species XXX action.

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Read our full Cloud Meadow review. Another title being developed with the support of crowdfunding through the Patreon site, Summertime Saga is set in a quiet suburban town. You play the role of the protagonist, a college student new to the area whose father has recently died in mysterious circumstances. Of course, the adult content is very good and includes a lot of fetishes such as BDSM, voyeurism, spanking, group and public sex plus milking, latex and exhibitionism. This adult game is free to download and play for your PC but regular patrons also get exclusive bonuses.

You play the role of a college freshman who comes from a low-income background and his new life in an upmarket fraternity is full of adult choices.

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From sex, drugs and alcohol to plenty of other conflicts, you must help him navigate his way through higher education. The way things turn out will be down to whether you decide to play it safe and be a nice guy or whether you embrace temptation.

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Being developed by Runey and part funded through Patreon, Harem Hotel is an adult visual novel dating sim with themes on Training and Harem building. You start with just 8 characters occupying the hotel, each with their own unique personalities and traits. From college student Ashley who was kicked out of home by her strict parents to cheerleaders and bitchy clonesFelicty and Emma. Your job is to look after them and the hotel, following their individual narratives and managing your interactions and temptations.

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The developers obviously know their Japanese kinks and you can also find Tsundere, Computer sex games and Ahegao. The game is available to play and download from Itch. The difference here is that instead of 3D realistic porn, with Hentai 3D you get to create your own interactive anime for your PC. Popular styles enabled in this Japanese style anime sim game include sex robots, schoolgirls and fantasy cosplay.

Featuring some nice bonus XXX manga pics created exclusively for Hentai 3Dfans of this style of cartoon porn will be very happy indeed. Available to download for your PC using the Thrixxx Game Launcher, membership allows you access to the active game community as well as additional user-generated content. Steam has a great selection of indie games developed for the adult markets and we recently featured our top selections in a review of titles available on this platform.

What are the best sex games for PC users?

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We wanted to know more about those games which are exclusively deed for PC. SinVR www. Girlvania Summer Lust www. Control sliders let you create avatars based on everything from age and gender to detailed physical features such as: Hair, eye and skin color Size and shape of genitals Piercings and tattoos Shape of nipples, breasts and ass Make-up Outfits The toys, props and accessories are equally as extensive and include everything from your basic BDSM tools whips, chains and cuffs to vegetables, dildos and vibrators. Virtual Lust 3D www.

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Hardtime in Hornstown www. The game is wholly free to download and play on Windows PC. Bonecraft www. Of course, the adult content is very good and includes a lot of fetishes such as BDSM, voyeurism, spanking, group and public sex plus milking, latex and exhibitionism This adult game is free to download and play for your PC but regular patrons also get exclusive bonuses. Hentai 3D www.