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Crusoe Had It Easy is one of the best adult games.

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Crusoe had it easy is one of the best adult flash games that are available on the Internet. If you have played Crusoe had it easy, then you will be heading out for Crusoe had it easy walkthroughand Crusoe had it easy cheats.

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I bid greetings to the weird motherfuckers who love to see anything incest related! Crusoe Had It Easy is an interactive visual novel with several endings depending on the choices you make whenever the chance shows up. So why is it titled as such? Basically, he was a man stranded on an island with a savage companion. So, Crusoe Had It Easy is basically about you and your cousin yee-haw to the hillbilly rednecks! Your ordinary familial relationship takes a turn when your sexual tensions rise when you start getting physically attracted to Sophie.

The great thing about Crusoe Had It Easy is that depending on the way that you pursue Sophie in this adventure will give you one of seven endings. Your choice in your pursuit of romance with your cousin will happen in various ways. Because your choices have the ultimate power to bring you to either a good ending or a bad ending. Only 3 scenes! The backstory of how both of you youngsters ended up on that stranded island is presented as such. Both you and Sophie had to take the same exam, so your father had decided to book those tickets for both of you. However, things take a turn for the worst, and the plane crashes into crusoe had it easy game sea, making you lose all of your things your laptop and your clothes.

You are a non-visible character throughout the game. You, the player, have to hunt, fish, and prepare food - which, of course, is going to be an option that will later decide your ending. This is the major kicker for the game and will probably influence how you think of ways to reach the ending.

Download game crusoe had it easy mod / download english pdf 4 44mb arri group - crusoe had it easy, or, help!, i have through no fault of my own found myself inadvertently stranded on a desert island in the tropics with my hopelessly.

The problem is that you are a very horny teenage boy who has probably lived like every shut-in virgin, who masturbated every dayand I mean, horny! So be wary of how you interact with her using that horny mindset! Because due to its shortness, it was given the multiple endings which many can become satisfied with. The titles of each ending possess some sort of humor, so it is a small thing to appreciate.

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Another thing to appreciate about this is that they have provided cheats. Crusoe Had It Easy is filled with plenty of light-hearted humor, well-written storylines, great monologue, and even better dialogue. This was executed pretty well, considering the various lengths of the different storylines. Each of the positives really brings a positive vibe to the game, so you should expect this to be a little better than your run-of-the-mill adult visual novel.

So buckle in into your sweaty gamer chairs, get comfy, peel your eyes, and shut the fuck up! We are getting to the real reviewing part of this whole review about an incestual relationship! This means that there were fewer mistakes made to develop a great character such as Sophie. So she is the textbook stranded-island-companion. Second of all, the artwork is simply amazing. Considering that this was just a simple flash game released quite a while ago!

Untitled — crusoe had it easy download

Not only the character drawing, though, but the art used on the scenery is also pretty great. However, your focus will always be on Sophie. Lastly, the writing was done exquisitely. The writing fits in humor, nostalgia, romance, and all that cheesy junk.

The dialogue and monologues were written quite well too; they depict the thoughts and conversations one would have when stranded with such a young beauty. So to make things balanced, here are the negatives of the game - you spoiled bratty asswipes. Considering that there are seven different endings, every choice you make will be rather straightforward. The light-hearted humor followed by the good quality adult scenes paired by the fantastic artwork, ultimately giving the internet a light flash game that provided its players with lots of fun experience.

C gamcore.

Crusoe had it easy

Crusoe Had It Easy C gamcore. What I Like About Crusoe Had It Easy Each of the positives really brings a positive vibe to the game, so you should expect this to be a little better than your run-of-the-mill adult visual novel. PornGames likes Crusoe Had It Easy Character development is great Single character provides different personality traits Great for those who love incest The art of the scenery is good too Dialogues and monologues are well-written Cousin ass pussy and titties!

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Crusoe had it easy walkthrough and cheats [detailed guide]

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Untitled — crusoe had it easy download

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Crusoe had it easy

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