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In Cunt Wars we're going to find a turn-based strategy game played on a board that's going to remind us quite a lot of so many titles based on chess that have appeared lately. Our target is to wipe out our enemies by deploying different units on the battlefield to attack them and stop their advance.

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Defeat hideous monsters in turn-based battles to earn the adoration of your harem of voluptuous babes. Feast your eyes and your imagination on the raciest the world of card-collecting RPGs has to offer and fulfill your darkest desires with the horniest hentai maidens in the universe.

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The original client is using the PC-browser and surf to cuntwars.

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There are however other ways to run the game, which here are named clients. It is confirmed that the mini-events do differ between clients, in particular the Bonus stat Mini-events tends to not be the same globally.

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Logging in to your there gives a slightly different version of the game. Most notable seems to be the worse exchange-rate to dollars, compared to epoch-payment used by CW, but also that Nutaku occasionally offers gift-codes that can be used to get Nutaku gold for free.

Cunt wars android

Developed for Android 5. Do note that while the player are free to switch between browser and mobile, it ' has to be done through the same portal: Hooligapps or Nutaku.

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Mobile browsers can't be used as they generally do not support the Unity environment needed, with the possible exceptions of Brave and Puffin which in Desktop mode could allow Apple users to play in spite of no app being available for iPhones. It is fully possible to switch between clients as long as you registered your .

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Note that everything retains their properties even when using another client, meaning that chests gained in the browser will continue opening while mobile chests still will have to be started manually in the cuntwars app and are locked by any other chests opening regardless where they were gained. It is important to know that the mobile app is very unsuited for grinding Event Sparks, as Common chests have an unlock time of 2 hours giving 30 sparks for a total of 15 sparks per hour. On the other hand playing in a desktop the Common chests give 20 sparks each, each chest taking 1 hour to unlock, this means that by playing on desktop under ideal conditions with 4 chest slots in 80 sparks per hour.

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This difference has a huge impact trying to gather the 22 needed to open the first Bonus chest. On the other hand, given the generally higher rewards, it can sometimes be useful to fish for a rarer chest on the mobile version with an empty set of slots between events.

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You shouldn't even be seeing this. Bizzeebeever told me to add this here so that we can get responsiveness working for all screens. Category : Guides.

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