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Players can explore their history and lore related to the Dunmer in various places in the game, such as the Gray Quarter in Windhelm, or certain places in Riften.

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Dark Elf was released on Aug 3, The background is that after the war and in the peaceful world, Frelia the former mercenary saved the young Ruse who was attacked, and took him in. Once when repelled a monster she saved the young Ruse and took him in.

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The two lived in Orucu and depended on each other. Hero: Ruse The teenager living with Fraylia Many years ago, he was saved by Frelia when a monster attacked the orphanage where he lived.

Ruse has always been reading books at home for his bad health. His dream was to become a national scholar.

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Various Storylines Is it a happy ending? Or is it to degenerate happily?

Seven RPG can be used for the end of storylines. Two general directions:. Normal line The two lived together. Fraylia strives to help Ruse become an independent and strong man.

According to different options of storylines, she could be a virgin at the end of the game. Sinner line When her specific work fails, there will be another line.

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Fraylia regarded as a sinner can release her instinct power after lots of insults. Ruse leaves.

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In order to see him again, she has to do some illegal work that her country arranges for her. Click the download button below to start Dark Elf Free Download with direct link. It is the full version of the game.

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