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Gaming seems to transfer pretty well to the kink; is there a better way to enter a trance state than repeating the same few tasks over and over again? Nyx Gaminga hypnosis game development team, seems to agree. The latter, called Gamer Trainingtasks players with reflex-based target practice in a 3D pink holographic cube. True to name, Psychic Damage puts players in a trance stance as they try and, more often than not, fail to place purple triangles in a white circle while keeping out red boxes.

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Both games introduce new ways of thinking about video gaming as a space to induce hypnosis erotically, whether through explicitly adult themes or hypnotic gameplay mechanics that imprint new ideas onto the eager, willing player. Similarly, as Gamer Training hints, there is a great deal of overlap between the psychological states of game flow and hypnotic trance.

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In one segment, the player is gradually entered into a trance state with the traditional if not stereotypical swinging pocketwatch. Other games may not intentionally erotically hypnotize players but accomplish similar effects.

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Hypnotic game development is a serious undertaking. That means balancing out sexy fantasies with strong boundaries.

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Players can say no at any time and leave if they need to, or they can go deeper into their trance. Ana Valens is a reporter specializing in online queer communities, marginalized identities, and adult content creation.

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She lives in Brooklyn, New York, and spends her free time developing queer adult games. There are few kinks quite as popular online as hypnosis. Share this article. Ana Valens Ana Valens is a reporter specializing in online queer communities, marginalized identities, and adult content creation.

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The best lesbian video games—and why you should play them.