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Share Author Comments. The sequel to with Elsa," and "Redemption for Jessika. However, your past history with your ex-wife has been you from her.

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Welcome to Finding Miranda Walkthrough and Endings, where we will provide you the full walkthroug to get all the possible endings of the game, all the achievements and all the scenes.

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But to do so you have to do the following:. Open the game.

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Then open the game and enjoy the scene, achievement or also ending you want. So, there hare 3 main choices you have to make, and the 3 choices are related to the loss of Lucas wife. You have to make your first choices at the beginning.

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The first one is about what happened to Lucas wife, She died or She cheated on you you choose. The next choice comes after ing Ismael cofee shopyou have to decide not to date introvert or to date as many… extrovert. And just after this choice introvert or extrovert you choose if you are regretful or confortable:.

Now the date changes depending on your first choice Widow or Cheated.

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Finally go to Introvert. Now you can go to Karen ending or also continue this path. Finally go to Extrovert.

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Now the date changes depending on your first choice Widow or also Cheated. Finally go for the Endgame.

Finding miranda

From here there are different paths depending on Lucas is a Widower or not. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Finding Miranda Walkthrough and Endings.

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About Miguel Sancho Articles. Saving Chloe Walkthrough and Endings. Next Milfy City Guide Walkthrough.

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