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This is a list of video games considered controversial. They include games that have earned controversies for violencesexual contentLGBT themesracism and review bombing from fans.

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Female gamers choose male avatars and gender-neutral names. They choose not to talk when they wear heets, or they use a voice changer. They refuse to answer personal questions. The consequence of revealing your gender may be extensive harassment, sometimes also outside game world.

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A new survey on sexual harassment in online computer games shows that approximately half of the women have actively concealed their gender to the gaming community and their fellow players. Together with researcher Stine Helena Bang Svendsen she recently published the report "Bug or feature?

So this is a concern which comes from inside the gaming community. There is a strong stereotypical notion that most gamers are young boys. This is in spite of the fact that, according to The Entertainment Software Association, 48 percent of the gamers are women. Moreover, most of the gamers are adults, not teenagers. Although the typical idea of the gamer is a young, pimply male nerd, the game world is in reality excessively masculine, according to Ask.

The report describes game fairs where computer games are promoted by half-naked women without any clear connection to the product. Half-naked women are also often depicted on the game covers. The characters in the games are normally men. The women are sexy, with huge breasts, while the men are white and well built. The plot normally revolves around the white male warrior who must kill a large of people with a different skin colour. Eventually, he gets his reward, which is a beautiful, sexy woman.

However, she emphasises that a change of the de alone is not enough to solve the problem. Moreover, they have carried out qualitative interviews with three women and five men. The participants are between 18 and 40 years old, and they are all active gamers. Two thirds are men, while one third are women. However, the use of sexually abusive force sex game is not necessarily the most important find. Ask thinks it is important to understand those who defend the harassment that is taking place.

According to their arguments, the harassment is part of the culture and the fantasy. If you refute these expressions, you destroy the fantasy and the joy of gaming. One informant thought it would be absurd to try to change the use of abusive language as long as the game revolves around killing the other virtual character. Since killing someone in a computer game has no repercussions, neither should harassment, since:. I hate violence in real life. But I love force sex game and chain saws on film, because it is great fun, and it provides a safe way of giving vent to your darker fantasies.

One of the men in the study told a story about a girl who was not a very aggressive player, but she received a lot of attention because she was a girl. She had a delicate voice and sounded sweet. A few of the others in the game group found her Facebook profile and some photos of her. When she left the group as a result, they tried to search for her.

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Moreover, more than half of the survey participants have heard about people who have been chatted up in online games. Game critic Anita Sarkeesian and game creator Zoey Quinn have both received death threats which forced them to leave their homes in August Sarkeesian was threatened due to her feminist critique of the representation of women in computer games, while Quinn received threats after her ex-boyfriend accused her of offering sex in return for a positive review of a game she had recently developed.

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The two women were exposed to enormous hate campaigns both online and in life offline. For instance, Sarkeesian repeatedly received manipulated photos of herself in the mail where she was pictured being raped by known game characters. Moreover, a game was developed in which every click on her face represented a punch. The debate concerning women and the game culture has been boiling over the last months under the hashtag gamergate. This is partly due to these two cases. The harassment of the two women is clearly gendered. And it is explicitly anti-feminist. And yet, despite this harsh harassment: even in gamergate, there are differing opinions as to whether this type of harassment must be accepted as part of the game or whether it should be opposed.

Online gaming has become so common, which makes it more difficult to hold on to a subcultural identity. But until recently, those who were not white, heterosexual men remained quiet. An important effect of the sexual harassment which is going on in the game world is that it maintains the existent myth that gamers force sex game heterosexual men.

The gamers and researchers Ask and Svendsen belong to the 50 percent who are in favour of a change in the game culture. They think the avatars should be less gender stereotypical and more diverse, the plots should be more varied, and the opportunities for reporting bad conduct should be better. Moreover, they wish the media would become better at considering game culture as proper culture, not only as subculture.

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This strengthens the notion that gaming is different from other media. Like other cultural expressions, gaming needs to be discussed within the public sphere. Although nearly 60 percent of the survey participants had noticed sexist and stereotypical representations of gender in the games, only 15 percent had thought of the game de as racist. According to an American survey, 80 percent of the game characters were white and the representation on non-white characters are as stereotypical as the big-breasted, half-naked female avatars.

So objecting to established practices does help. Kristine Ask's profile.

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Youngsters who spend much time on certain computer games expand their English vocabularies. Norwegian researchers have borrowed a from game developers to devise simulation technology that can help reduce the damage from catastrophic floods.

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Scientists now want to give them an array of suitable games. The fact that women hide their gender identity in online gaming helps maintaining the myth of the gamer as a heterosexual man. In reality, figures show that 48 per cent of the gamers are women.

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Illustration: Colourbox. February - In online computer games, extremely gender stereotypical characters are the norm. Kristine Ask is herself an active gamer who has studied online computer games for ten years. Photo: private. Anita Sarkeesian has been exposed to massive hate campaigns both online and in her private life as a result of her video web series Feminist Frequency.

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It addresses among other things gender perspectives and the representation of women in the online game world. Stereotypical game characters have become a subject for jokes within parts of the online gaming circles.

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