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If you are using one of the art options, please update to the latest hotfix if one is available by downloading the latest version of the base game and placing it in the same directory as the. The devblog includes the full changelog for each update. Please leave all questions, feedback and bug reports on the devblog.

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This is a basic text-only erotic game in Twine 2, specifically in the Sugarcube story format. It's a procedural narrative generator; rather than erotic games you may have played with set characters and plot, it's an open world in which the player, a wealthy slave owner, can indulge themselves. I've played a lot of Jack o Nine Tails, which I wholeheartedly recommend, and it's probably closest to that: here's a slave market and some money, go have fun.

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It's been a long time since the last update, but it's not something I can honestly express much regret over, since the reason for the delay is personally advantageous. I haven't been able to playtest and support a public release of FC lately because I've been making some good career strides, the pursuit of which has been very time consuming.

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At this point, I'm not sure what the ultimate effect on my lewd games availability is going to be once everything settles down, but for now, I'm busy. This update has no real unifying theme, other than that it includes fixes for a of outstanding omissions that have built up. Chief among them is slaves' sexual satisfaction, which has always been handled by a painfully simple system that assumed that any sexual asment would satisfy any slave, and nothing else would. This update replaces that with a more flexible system that allows slaves' varying libidos to require differing amounts of attention, and their varying sexual tastes to require different types of attention.

As it's developed, I hope it will serve to disrupt the easy slide towards nymphomania that so many slaves still experience, and provide more texture to slaves' needs. For example, pregnancy fetishists will no longer enjoy public service if they aren't allowed to have vaginal intercourse.

Free cities

The only nuance I think may be confusing is that by de, this system does not address paraphilias. Paraphilias are compulsions rather than sexual desires, and they must be addressed more specifically through each paraphilia's established method. This update also provides several mild incentives to apply piercings. Reducing the of flavor-only choices by providing more gameplay effects is an ongoing goal. On the other hand, the profusion of existing effects is already difficult to track.

I'm testing out a way to address this by letting the player delegate some piercing to the Head Girl.

Free cities

I think it's a fun and characterful way to helpfully remind the player of game mechanics to have the Head Girl look at the slave she's training and say, you know, this bitch would look nicer with some cute earrings. All growth drugs except lip injections can now be intensively applied, increasing growth speed at the cost of health and genome damage.

Provided limited RA support for intensive injections, based on whether the RA thinks a slave's health can take the strain. Lifted the breast size free cities adult game, based on discussion with contributors about what would actually be immobilizing. Lifted the testicle size cap, to match dicks. Posted by FC Author at comments:. I'd like to offer thanks to the mod's author and to the other contributors who helped facilitate the integration. Put simply, Extended Family Mode allows slaves to have any of family members. This is an extremely invasive modification to integrate, and serious bugs are inevitable.

As such, what you can do with Extended Family Mode is currently very limited. The primary way of building large slave families is to create them at the start of a new game, and there are limitations on this; in particular, complex parentage structures aren't currently possible. If this feels limited, that's because it is; more ways of collecting many interrelated slaves will be added as the system matures. As provided, Extended Family Mode is an extremely robust system, which I was grateful for as I created the starting slave creation code for it.

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On a less mechanically radical note, this update also adds a ificant story expansion, involving an old world peacekeeping force sent to stabilize a war-torn area near the Free City. Events involving the peacekeepers will take place alongside the existing story events rather than fitting in before or after them, and the peacekeepers can in fact play a minor role in several existing situations.

The presence of the peacekeepers presents the player with a choice: work to undermine and eliminate a powerful old world presence near the arcology, or accept the threat and seek to take indirect control of it?

Free cities

Finally, a contributor descriptively named prndev has done impressive work with the vector art. Not only is it now integrated into the code, making separate resources unnecessary; but the art will also now display much more efficiently. All in all, I've been getting some outstanding assistance with FC lately; my thanks to everyone who's been contributing.

Provided continuous scaling for several body parts, replacing the separate. Created a proper, flexible color system, replacing the separate precolored. Added a shine effect to latex.

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I apologize for the lengthy wait between updates. I've had the time to work with contributors on GitHub and create a little content myself lately, but not much to support a public actual update. That means there's quite a bit of new stuff here that's built up since 0. This update makes a small change to the disposition of slaves' children, which is based on a player suggestion that I thought did a good job of addressing player feedback on having all children born to the PC's slaves remanded to slave orphanages, while also keeping depiction of underage characters out of the game.

It's now possible to pay to have slaves' children raised free cities adult game citizens, or schooled privately. Both child-rearing options remain completely offscreen, as before. Their only in-game impact is their cost, their understandably major impact on the slave mother's opinion of the player, and their predictable reputational effects with Paternalists and Degradationists.

I would like to emphasize that the game does not track the children in any way, meaning that the child-rearing and the associated expenses have no end date. This would occur after a monstrous turns if I were to depict it, however, so I don't think it's a serious deficiency. If I had the free year, the team, the art budget, and the requisite insanity to create Free Cities 2, I'd probably set the turn length at two to six months, to allow simulation of slave breeding and succession within a reasonable of turns.

Free cities v

There are definitely some other fun long-term ideas this would allow, as well. But that's air castle building. FC is meant to depict a moment in history and the PC's role in it, for a couple of years, and the weekly turns work well for that. Addressed an issue with amputees under the new body modification UI. Corrected body modification omissions in the long form slave description. Addressed problems with sexuality display in the new slave summary code.

Much better randomization of slaves for many existing two-slave events.

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Fixes display issue caused by virginity and other statuses with summary display. Certain future society specific events not involving slaves should now direct play appropriately.

Free cities v

Posted by FC Author at 82 comments:. This update allows surnames for the player character and his or her chattel. They're optional in that the player character can go without one, and slaves can have them stripped away. Naturally, they may have feelings about this. Even with surnames present, they won't always be shown. Slaves are mostly known by their first names, so this is partially a stylistic choice.

The surname mechanic will also be expanded and polished with future updates. One current limitation of this mechanic is that it depicts all names in a given name first, surname last format, as in English, despite the fact that there are languages present in the game that do not follow this order. This is a known limitation and does free cities adult game need to be reported.

This is another broad update without a specific focus, combining contributions from many different people. I'll spotlight one area, though, since it's something that's gotten a fair amount of well-merited criticism lately: future society progression. All society models are not created equal in terms of ease of progression. To help ease that, and add more interesting choices to the game, this update makes societies progress faster the fewer societies have been chosen. In the early game, when only a single model has been selected, it's a major boost to that single goal. Later, when four or five models are active, things are more sluggish, but by then the player should have the resources to overcome that.

Additionally, Shops can now be upgraded into future society specific versions, adding some flavor and helping advancement.

Free cities v

Finally, PC reputation now impacts future society progress directly, providing an incentive to raise reputation in the early game. There are many contributors doing great work on GitHub, and it would be invidious to single anyone out without making it clear that everyone's doing great work and no special status is being conferred.

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But FreeCitiesBandit deserves recognition for providing no less than 11 new events included in this update. Fine work. Added two new gag options and improved gag interactions with slave speech. Precum descriptions for the new prostate implant. New makeup colors. New events by FreeCitiesDev. This update focuses on fixing bugs and longstanding issues, and on building out several mechanics added over the past two updates. Since this update adds several new facilities to the new arcology construction mechanic, I'll explain what my general goal for this system.

FC has always been a game in which the sex slaves themselves are fundamentally unlimited in terms of who they are and what they can be forced to do. In compensation, FC needs more tradeoffs; good games force the player to specialize to an extent. As such, all lategame arcologies will not be equally good at everything.

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For example, this update adds a new Sweatshop facility to the Service level, and upgrades to the existing Arcade and Dairy facilities, each of which gives bonuses to one and only one of the types of menial slaves.