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For some time now, things were going really bad for a young teacher Roxy. All because of her bad reputation. Being a futanari with a strong libido, she liked to take off the sexual tension using her young female students, but one day it all came out sideways when she had sex with the director's dau

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How old am I: 25
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Lewd ninja.

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Big Ass. Big Tits. Dating Sim. Mind Control. Big Boobs.

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in. All Android Mac Linux.

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Game Engine. All Abandoned Completed Onhold. Ascending Descending.

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In the near future, a man struggles to find a job. In a Virtual World, he finds a company named "Alm A strange liquid corrupts everyone it touches who is then compelled to further spread it through This character is based on a certain robot from a certain video game. It is kind of obvious, yes?

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Big Tits, 2dcg. Academy of Fetishes is a text-based game you can play in the browser or on your computer.

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You are th Thrust yourself to the front of the line ofa bustling furry night club that invites you to explor Others Completed. Just Another Night Control Laura and do whatever you want to little human girl.

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You play as Sarah Lance who just graduated from a university in the Year Humanity discovered t Our journey begins in a realm of ancient myth, where the life-giving waters of the Euphoris river me You and your roomates get free cruise tickets. You are given a chance to start your life over with a clean slate -- but even your gender is up for This is a remake of My abandoned game.

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It features my favorite kinks. My goal for this game is to create a linear story with a hero who uses magic to corrupt people and a VN RenPy Abandoned. There are many, many worlds.

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Cracks in the You were betrayed, left to hide in the shadows. But now youre back in the City, and you get what is Oral Sex. In Date an Otter, you'll get to meet and eventually romance Lillie, the titular otter! Teasing, Furry, 2dcg, Animated.

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Two women, a massage, and an unexpected ending? You're moving to the new city.

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Your life will change after you will make multiple choices. It depend Dungeon Coup is a realtime 3D adult dungeon crawler You are a 27 year old male living with 4 female roommates. You have been out of work for a while and En-Fem-E No. His adoptive parent's Our protagonist horsegirl, on her new life in the two of Umikaze.