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Game of thrones prologue hunt for woman that like shoes

Will finds the wildling camp, with eight men and women seemingly dead from the cold. Ser Waymar orders an inspection, but when the watchmen arrive at the campsite, the bodies have vanished. Will climbs a tree, and thus is unseen as Ser Waymar is surrounded by White Walkers ; Gared runs away sometime around when they appear.

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Scouting ahead, Will finds the wildlings dead. He returns to Waymar and Gared with the news and tells them the wildlings appear to have frozen to death.

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in. Hello and welcome to my blog, this is my second post. As well as the foreshadowing that George has planted throughout the novels, there may be plenty of unintended literary echoes too. These can be great fun to come across when re-reading, and it is certainly worth taking a look at these echoes, as well as the parallels and the foreshadowing.

Chapter Summary…. Will has spied an encampment, but it seems that something mysterious has happened to the occupants. Gared is an experienced ranger, but feels uneasy and insists that they should turn back. Ser Waymar is an inexperienced commander, who will not heed to counsel and refuses to go back to Castle Black a failure on his very first ranging beyond the Wall.

He orders the two game of thrones prologue to push onward for a closer look at the wildling encampment. As the three riders approach their destination they dismount. Gared suffers more insolence from his commander and he stays behind to guard the horses. Will le Ser Waymar up to the top of a ridge where they can see down into the encampment. The camp seems empty, and so Ser Waymar orders Will to climb up a nearby sentinel tree to look out for fires.

Down below, Ser Waymar challenges an unseen foe. All of a sudden it becomes very cold, and out of the woods a shadow appears, tall, gaunt and white, dappled with a grey green shimmer. Ser Waymar faces his foe bravely. He does not notice other shadows approaching, the Others make no sound. The shadows gather round and mercilessly cut down Ser Waymar Royce.

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There is some interesting foreshadowing in this opening chapter, and there are certainly echoes, perhaps unintentional, that are quite interesting and fun to pick up on. Most of these echoes give us a great sense of foreboding for the event that concludes the prologue. In my opinion, it is a revealing opener for the series, and could very well be hinting at the overall story arc. If you were to take four major points away from this prologue, I would suggest the following: 1. Read the books again. Winter is coming.

The dead will rise. Fire and Ice. There will be lessons learnt.

Summary, prologue-chapter 4

George likes to use a second level of commentary in his writing, this is usually referred to as metatext, often shortened to meta. There are a few great lines in the prologue which seem to fit the meta tag. On my first re-read, it seemed obvious to me that George was straight up telling us to read the books again.

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I believe that we are being told straight away that the novels we are about to read, should be read again; twice, three times, even more. There is so much to miss on your first read, so much foreshadowing of future plots, and the fate of characters revealed but disguised by the intensity of the current action. There is a whole new angle on a re-read. There may also be lots of unintentional future echoes which appear through no other reason than literary style. As I re-read the novels, I find these echoes great fun to pick up on, and will pulling a few of them out of the text.

The second paragraph begins with this possible meta question…. When I first re-read this line, it made me feel as if George was asking me with just the hint of a smile to ask myself, the very question that Royce is posing to Gared.

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Or does that scare you? I love this. Another line that seems to speak about the book series itself, also appears on one…. Can it be that George is settling the reader into the knowledge that following his story will be a long journey? A long journey with some very long waiting times.

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So, these three meta quotes, that all appear on the firstreally sets the reader on a journey which will, in most cases, loop us right back to the start. This opening line may even be a hint at time travel or loops, once again introducing the reader to a multi-genre series. The next major point that I would take from the prologue is one that continues to be drilled into us throughout the first book.

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In the prologue we get a wonderful echo of this, from this foreboding line…. There are some great lines early in the prologue, that add to the sense of foreboding. This is a line from the first that may be hinting at the theme of resurrection…. Oh Gared, you sweet summer child, the resurected dead just might be a major plot in the story. Unlike most of the foreshadowing in the books, that forecasts events that will happen thousands of s later, a lot of the foreshadowing in this chapter is paid off by the end of it.

This sounds like it could be a line from the end of the chapter, when Will is on his knees, picking up what was left of the shattered sword that belonged to his commander. Zombie Waymar towering above Will. This is great writing by George, making connections, creating a sense of foreboding.

Parallels and foreshadowing in a game of thrones — prologue

And shortly before Ser Waymar dismounts from his destrier, we get this foreboding line…. A cold wind whispered through the trees. Like something half alive? That is a creepy visualisation.

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One last quote that relates to the theme of the dead rising, and this happens to be one of my favourite lines from the chapter, is this…. Lovely to get this line so early in the first book. Jon Snow is the reluctant hero.

Tower of the hand

So, to follow on from the theme of resurrection, what purpose will the dead, or rather the undead, serve it the arc of Ice and Fire? There is some interesting dialogue between Gared and Royce, that could foreshadow the use of dragon fire as a weapon against the icy Others and their reincarnated army. Gared states that…. And we cannot forget Gared telling Royce that….

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Fire and ice are both killers, George combines the two. All this talk of echoes! Echoes are repetition, and you know that when George repeats himself, there is usually a good reason to believe that we need to take notice. So what do we learn from the dead? Jon who knows nothing? Jon anwsers that there was nothing… and repeats… nothing at all. Thank you for pointing this out Ygritte.

The lack of any experience of an afterlife, from someone who is resurrected, answers one of the biggest questions that sapiens have ever asked themselves: what is there, where do we go when we die? I believe that the points that I have outlined in my analysis fit nicely into the overall story arc. For a brilliant analysis of the mythical astronomy of Ice and fire, I highly recommend checking out the collection of essays and podcasts from Lucifer Means Lightbringer.

Fire and Ice: T his is the theme of opposition, conflict, life and death. We also get a great sense of this in the literiture through Georges use of colours. A great example of this comes in the first POV chapter, with multiple desriptions of blood and snow combining. There will be lessons to learn from the game of thrones prologue Eventually, after the very last battle, a new future will be shaped, and the fighting between houses and classes will seem very redundant. Will there be a future based on egalitarianism?

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At the very least, all descendants from the people of this time, should be well aware of who the real enemy is. The possibility of an army drowning as the surface they are standing on cracks and breaks? That is all I have for my analysis on the parallels and foreshadowing in the Prologue. My next blog will cover the first POV chapter in the book series, as we look at Bran I… come and see! Thank you for reading… Kudos to you if you got to the bottom, give yourself an extra lemon cake ;o. I would love to have your feedback and I also invite you to contribute. I am aiming to accompany my blog with a podcast, and any worthwhile contributions from followers will be included and credited.

I would game of thrones prologue love to see any related artwork for the chapters discussed, so please link me if you have your own art or if you know of any relevant to the chapter that we are looking at or about to look at. It is also a dedicated to my alternative performance of chapters from A Game of Thrones. This is my favourite fan art discovery from the prologue.