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I'd like seek guy games like a dark room reddit loves francais

Please let me know if this isn't the place to post this kind of question. I love the game A Dark Room, and since having played it about 50 times I've felt the need to move on.

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I've played Spaceplan, candybox, A Dark Room, Cookie clicker and Crank, but I'm curious for more games that have the visual quality of Spaceplan, but the story and gameplay of A Dark Room, if this makes sense? Or something in between, I love games when you slowly evolve and become really powerful. I'm continuing to work on Junction Gatewhich might be along the lines of what you're looking for. You can play the alpha version right now and I'm working on the much improved beta. The beta is still a long ways off, but you can see the progress below:.

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These games were absolutely fantastic. I loved the simplicity of the graphics, I loved that there are secrets to uncover, a story Try Space Lich Omega if you want something more similar to Candy box and Speed Warp, Try Civ Clicker If you want something similar to Trimps, although it doesn't have alot of story, if you want a idle game that has a lot of story try Godville. Link for Space Lich Omega.

Yeah I had this thread saved for a while, but I've played most of the games suggested in the thread, which is why I've posted my own looking for more.

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I'm not entirely sure what's happening here. I can tell that I'm collecting resources, and building structures.

But is there anything more to it than that? I can tell that the structures seem to be changing the icons of the resources I'm collecting, and occasionally adding new ones. But I don't see anything beyond that. Can we just sticky a post called "I need more games like "x" and then have a list of the most common popular successful ones and then some similar ones below them. Even if someone of the ones listed below one of them are themselves another list header.

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It's been a while since we've seen the like of A Dark Room and the like. Clearly it's not easy to make games as good as these :. You might want to check out my game, Nano Empire.

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It's a strategy game that heavily emphasizes story and secrets. Also, what's the point in the first place of reseting the game if there isn't a prestige mechanic?

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Let us choose when we want to hard reset, don't force it upon us. Most good games are already mentioned here, so I'll add two other great city builders, similar to Kittens Game or Trimps. Posted by 6 years ago.

Any games like dark room?

Any suggestions? I need more!

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Sort by: best. Space lich omega 2 will be out within a month as well! Continue this thread. I'll look these up, thanks for the suggestions!

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I've played through this just now. It was really good. Thank you for not wasting too much of my time.

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