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Legend of Queen Opala is yet another game created by pretty much just one person and founded with the help of crowdfunding sites. It seems as if there are more and more indie games developed by groups of 3 or fewer people in the market and that's amazing. It's like going back to the day where computer geeks used to create those choose your own path games on their PC. Game development has come a long way since then and with the help of crowdfunding sites, these people get paid for their hard work.

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Hold on to your cocks, and hold them tight, as I'm going to review a game that has an unholy mix of a role-playing game and uncensored pornographic content. I could instantly have that nostalgic feeling of playing a classic. Let's get on with this fucking review. Pull your pants down, and get your dicks out of your ass because this is a tale that one wouldn't easily forget.

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To be brief on the game's storyline, the protagonist of this story is Queen Opala herself and you, a generic good-for-nothing bitch. Anyway, you'll venture into the Queen's erotic adventures, in which you'll be spending most of your time saving here sorry little ass while taking the liberty of fucking her and her other fuckable family.

Queen Opala would then be ed by her smoking-hot sister, like damn, I can't fucking stress it enough on how fuckable she is. Anyway, her sister would be acting as the malicious villain in the story, because she's the one who robbed the throne from Queen Opala, Farah, and also her mother with the big-ass titties. Watch out though, because the sisters of royal blood would anything that moves, and everything else that doesn't.

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What the hell did you fucking expect? This is a porn game. You're expecting me only to review the gameplay that the content provides? Of course, we're going to talk about the Fucking in this game. Anyway, to sum it up, the porn content is exemplary hot, and there's a whole lot of it.

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All of the pornographic content, or the entire artwork for that matter, is drawn by the same artist, so you'd better expect some dick-hardening consistency. However, as there's a lot of pornographic content to be shown, you can't easily access them as the developers of the game fucking hid them all over the fucking map.

The porn comes in the form of a collectible, some are good, and some are Moreover, in terms of the game's "contents," let's talk about the fetishes involved. In the Legend of Queen Opala's setting, furred folks and characters with savage behavior are what's common, and what I mean about "Furred" folks, I mean that type of character that shows that there's not a single thing that they won't fuck.

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It's also common in the pornographic pictures where it shows some semen-drinking action and massive differences in "sizes. Now, let's get on to the graphics of the Legend of Queen Opala. There isn't that much to complain about except that the artwork of some characters is a bit bland.

I've noticed that if it's not the main character or the supporting characters, the artwork for the nude and fuck scenes is like they haven't put that much work into it. Moreover, the images of Queen Opala fucking the soul out of some other characters aren't that appealing to look at.

I can't rant about the soundtrack quality of the game, judging what kind of game it. However, the voice acting was used as if it was restricted. I don't fucking care if this is a pornographic game; the voice acting of characters is essential for the players to have immersive gameplay. But the quality of is a bit odd, as the voice acting only appears in some parts of the fuck scenes, but nonetheless, it's quite good, and that's saying something coming from me. Let me put this out first, The Legend of Queen Opala has a remarkably well-written story, for an indie pornographic game.

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I'm not saying that it's amazing because of the plot or the pornographic content itself, but due to the rest of the game that's working so well in building a particular storyline. It's very consistent within the game's universe, and that includes the horny, cock-sucking, pussy-penetrating, semen-dripping, erotic scenes. The quality of the game all comes down to the author putting an incredible amount of effort into the maps.

Other role-playing games that I've already played made me feel like they've only put that particular shit so that you can "see" it because you can't even travel or interact with it. In the case of the Legends of Queen Opala, the Royal Palace, the city, and the overlooking views look enormous as it provides an incentive to explore everything in it.

Moreover, there's a lot of places that you can explore within the game as if the developers don't want to fucking swerve you away from the storyline.

Legend of queen opala: origin [ongoing] - version: beta

Spoiler alert, as you explore through the game's massive map, you'll be able to discover multiple collectibles that consist of paired or single uncensored pornographic images, instead of the full, immersive animation of the Queen fucking anything in her path.

That's one hell of a fucking Queen. To sum it up, it's a win-win situation that game feels more like a well-built role-playing game, rather than something that only shows pornographic contents. If you're the type of person that wants that, then you should go to fucking porn sites rather than wasting your useless little time on this. Moreover, in addition to the porn content, the game also offers guild options, items, and other secrets for you to discover, which makes this game highly addictive.

Every time a game would seem too good to be true, there's always bound to be flaws within the game's overall content. Anyway, the characters of the game are fucking hot, and yet I wasn't able to finish a single episode because the combat is complete bullshit. As you know, the Legend of Queen Opala is a proper role-playing game as it also comes with the grinding of levels, in which it's fucking required to finish the game.

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If your memory is as good as a fucking snail, I ly said that the pornographic content is based on a collectible system, in which you have to progress through the game to get the pictures and animations of your character getting fucked in all holes. But the bitch part of it is all on the game's combat system is fucking bullshit; games like legend of queen opala, if there's no progress, there's no pornographic content for you to jerk your tiny little dick into. In addition, some skills can be used in the combat system, but if that skill isn't poison, in which it deals the most damage, then you can't do anything else aside from spamming your fucking basic attack.

Do you know how fucking boring that is? Imagine your character only having limited abilities, and the boss fights are hard as fuck. It got to the point that I got so bored of the gameplay, and that's already with fucking cheats!

If I were to judge the Legend of Queen Opala by how it was made, then I can honestly say that there isn't much to say as to what I would recommend in improving the game. The game is centered on a 2-Dimensional role-playing genre, and by that, you could only expect less for the game's overall quality. But fuck, I was dead wrong. I admit that this game is almost perfect But that's just me being nitpicky. The Legend of Queen Opala is a free-to-download game, which, in my opinion, the best path to take for the developers.

Because if this game is a subscription type game, then my thoughts and insights about this would drastically change. What I'm trying to say is that, for a game that is free to download, the Legend of Queen Opala delivers more content than what we usually expect from a free game, especially an uncensored pornographic one. Overall, the pornographic game called the Legend of Queen Opala was quite enjoyable. The sex scenes and animations didn't take the full helm, which means that it's not in total control, which is somehow Some of the erotic artwork would feel awkward for some reason, while there are still numerous grammar and spelling issues within the game's dialogue.

However, the flaws weren't bad enough to stop the protagonist from conquering all of Egypt. L fap-nation.

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Legend of Queen Opala L fap-nation. Fetishes You're Going To Experience Moreover, in terms of the game's "contents," let's talk about the fetishes involved. The Soundtrack And Voice Acting I can't rant about the soundtrack quality of the game, judging what kind of game it.

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There's Always A Bad Side To Everything Every time a game would seem too good to be true, there's always bound to be flaws within the game's overall content. Conclusion The Legend of Queen Opala is a free-to-download game, which, in my opinion, the best path to take for the developers. PornGames likes Legend of Queen Opala Well-written story The plot is excellent Well-built exploration feature Artwork that can arouse you All of the characters are fucking hot Pornographic collectibles Feels more like porn than a role-playing game There are sequels to this game. PornGames hates Legend of Queen Opala Limited horny scenes Horrible combat system Gameplay requires too much grinding Combat is quite dull even when cheats Feels more like porn than a role-playing game The sequels didn't "fix" the problems from releases.

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Legend of queen opala

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