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I'd like looking up friend that loves gay interactive fiction games

Perfume of Love — Romance Stories with Choices.

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Varlance is my pen name for my gay erotic fiction creative work. This site is for archiving published work and presenting other projects such as my interactive fiction games. Content warning: The content in these stories and on VarlanceInteractive. It is not intended for children. The situations described may be unsafe in real life — use good judgement and play safe, sane and consensual. You can play the original here at philome.

How old am I: 53
Sexual preference: I like strong-willed man
I speak: Italian
What I prefer to drink: White wine

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The readers of the quest are essentially a pantheon of Gods that steer the life of the protagonist, well them and the dice gods. Yes, it was a semi-automatic, interactive fiction game!

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After the Seeker randomly picked a hat, she would enter the trial of that particular hat, and the game would depict. An actual human being needed to work hard!

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To think that I was narrow-minded enough to believe that the fiction of reality was as simple as a power fantasy It wasn't a self-ind. Anyways at least I have something I could talk to, rather than thinking of.

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Hehe anyways It's a wild sort of rush to know that someone is actually reading my story! Have a good one! The passionate lovelife of a scheming top and an innocent bottom… [Innocent Gay Boy]: Buddy, I want to read it!

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I'm so going to bookmark it, rate it, and follow it if you write it! Did he tell you about the cinema and the restaurant?

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James and Blake are continued chattering. James: Why he is acting like an angel?

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Maybe he ate something nice. Edward reached to grab one of the papers. He was surprised when the paper moved toward his hand and floated under the right angle so that he can read its text.

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Search by title, author, translator Related Searches: gay lesbian books gay lesbian novels gay lit gay literature Not enough ratings. Realistic Fiction.

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Contemporary Romance.