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I am looking general practitioner game guy who like simulators

Live the everyday life of a General Practitioner: go to the clinic every day and meet new patients, develop your skills through study and manage your clinic and your staff.

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Live the everyday life of a General Practitioner: go to the clinic every day and meet new patients, develop your skills through study and manage your clinic and your staff.

Years old: 26
Ethnicity: American
Iris tone: I’ve got lively green eyes
What is the color of my hair: Golden
What I prefer to listen: My favourite music techno

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Views Downlo 72 File size 6MB. A walk through for a great never winter nights mod.

General practitioner free download

Full description. Walkthrough This walkthrough will list the various conversation choices you can make in Sisterly Lust and the consequenc. Walkthrough MindBreak v0. The core of the g. Still, I began to write this videogame not because I wanted to become rich with pledges but because I surfed the net long and wide to find a videogame that suited my taste as a veteran gamer and found almost none at least in the adult market. It included many images that were replaced in time, just one examination Rita, with the very first Daz model I bought: Tamara.

General practitioner – ingame events (chronological timeline)

In this first six months the game has seen many changes and it grew very much. General Practitioner is the videogame I always wanted to play, I hope it will become yours too! You can reply to her: - "A singer, uh? Are you good? You can either tell her: - "I'm very sorry about those times. Can I apologize now or it's too late?

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You're doing a good job with her": o Increase your relative trust -5 - "She's not very smart, isn't she? Sometimes it looks like you don't want us here I'm a bear, you know! If you have high-enough trust you unlock a special choice though. This walkthrough then splits depending on whom you choose.

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If you have her pay the bill the date will end abruptly, giving you no other choice than to return to the hotel see Elisa Path: returning to the hotel for the follow up. After the sex scene you can choose if you want to let her become your girlfriend: - "You're right, maybe it's for the best Richards of the SGH Hospital. Conversation will have you go there and meet his secretary: Miss Roland. Mary's Clinic Richards will ask you if you wish to work for him at the hospital and you follow the conversation until Trip to Seattle story arc ends.

You will be introduced to Dr. Borelli, Dr. Poulsen or Dr. The choice of the staff member will have effects in the game though: Dr. Other choices will have you lose -2 trust. A girl like you surely catches some attention. Care to me? Icedream: Ordering food When: How: Unlockable achievements: At the icecream shop Follow through conversations with Rita none The perks of choosing certain food over another are explained general practitioner game the game itself.

The difference is made by how much tip you decide to give to Rita.

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The game also tells you how she feels having you around. You can only ask her out successfully when the game says: "Rita seems to really like you and is happy to have you around. Asking her out successfully means you get her phone which will unlock new choices. You need at least 25 charm points for her to be interested in you at all. Always grants -1 trust with Rita and she always chooses the cinema. After the 10th date a dialogue will prompt and the game will ask you if you want to pursue or abandon the romance with Rita. You then order a drink: - "Two beers. Goodbye Doctor!

She's crying. What happened? The game will ask you 10 random questions about things she told you when dating her.

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You can either have a look at her or greet her, the only difference is a closer look at her body. She will then ask you about the poster: "What do you think about it? I'm not into art very much but this is really nice. Those are two lovers! That's very unprofessional of yours! I'd like to be close to someone as they are! Me and my friends are going like every year!

General practitioner

You could know more people! I'll be glad to the festivities with you! I should ask my girlfriend Rita to us!

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I should ask my girlfriend Elisa to us! Even at work. You should leave those things out when working. Lucky him! We're here! Who's your friend?

General practitioner – ingame events (chronological timeline)

Philip Jones, Erika's boss. Can't I enjoy summer? I guess it's pretty normal That's unexpected. Who are you going with?

General practitioner

I don't mind to renew my own wardrobe! And I'll pay for the guys too. Round and firm! It is Vanessa who poses the first question upon you: "What are we going to do after shopping? So you don't like it? I'm at your disposal! Erika is quite silent while you walk. I didn't knew you After you undress down to your swimsuits you gather at the beachvolley area.

Erika wants to start playing as soon as possible. Let's make the teams.

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It's your chance to hit! A short conversation will follow and, in case you kissed her: "So But we may become one day! I look forward seeing you again!

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In that case Erika will text you: "I need to be honest. The first choice is brought to you by the child: "But those games became booooring Do you want a book? With the festival they are making sales! The contour of her breasts is clearly visible from your position. It looks like you want to ask me something little scoundrel! I will always keep you in the first place! You would take command in a few hours! There are a lot of people everywhere, everyone enjoying the festival with music, shows and fun!

Not at all! Still, in case you kissed your general practitioner game, she will ask you about that. You can reply: - "It's better if we don't talk about it anymore": o Lose her Trust "It was a mistake There are no more choices here, just different conversations based on your ones.

She's very late and your phone's battery is over. You should've charged it when you had the chance. You hear a familiar voice behind you. Nice to see you here!