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Japaneses girl search friend for gf training game

Archery safety training classes may be required if hunting in states that require formal archery training to bow hunt. Training course covering trapping, predator calling, fur handling, etc.

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This section of the walkthrough will explain the in-game tutorial to you. Basically, it's a translated version of the in-game tutorial, but I also add some comments and important information that will hopefully help you on your way to become the harem king. I tried not to make the walkthrough overly monotonous and complicated, so I hope you don't die of boredom while reading this. Let's get started with the tutorial. Open the app or go to vcard. If you have trouble registering, look at the Setting Up for more information.

My age: I am 45
What is my ethnicity: I'm russian
Iris color: Lively gray-blue eyes
Sex: Fem
What is my hair: Black
Body type: My figure type is quite overweight
What is my hobbies: Fishkeeping

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Thread starter StoneM Start date Sep 11, StoneM Member. Aug 1, Overview : Spoiler: About the game You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content.

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Spoiler: Changelog last update Last edited: Dec 28, Reactions: KagekoInkosetter6neverending0 and 13 others. Apr 23, 5 2. Any luck so far with the rest of the translation?

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Reactions: Magdragonminamin and Traumwen. Haruakino Newbie. Apr 7, 38 3. Tie4me New Member. Mar 30, 1 0. Translation link? Mar 1, Is there any news on this?

Gf training game – use all the lewd toys full versions

Reactions: Poknock. Viito New Member. Mar 4, 3 1. I got an error in Sirona's scene, when is about to start the game crashes I hope it doesn't happen in the translated version Btw Any progress? I really Thankfully for use your time to traslate this game. May 25, Good work, dude! Hope you keep working on it.

Gf training game use all the lewd toys free

Feb 16, 2 0. How is the progress so far and where can I find the download link? Sorgath Newbie. Jan 15, 45 Im wondering about the download link aswellcant see any or am i just blind. Kurosakidude New Member. Aug 17, 2 0. No download link, is the project dead? Kurosakidude said:. Reactions: Some someslutseelerTheUnforeseenMessenger and 4 others.

StoneM said:. It's very much alive.

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Last edited: Dec 27, I Cry. Reactions: Some some. Bladerain New Member. Apr 10, 6 3.

Hdwshare itn. | hentai doujin works guide.

Is this still alive? I sure hope project is still alivei want to play this.

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Poknock New Member. Jul 3, 5 Ks Newbie. Mar 16, 20 8.

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