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This mod is based on the 0.

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I don't know what this article looked like on the original wiki, but it didn't survive the transfer very well. The XML file was an absolute mess. I've cleaned it up as well as I can, but it's still a very difficult to read - hopefully someone that actually understands modding can improve it further. First of all, I suggest getting a copy of Girl Life from GitHub, since that gets the files and utilities that you will need to use. You can open another mod or any.

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Mods. Thread starter ikaruga Start date Jun 11, Respected User. Aug 11, 1, 2, Overview: At first, I used the latest version of the game, from the creator source.

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So you'll see some updates that may not be available elsewhere. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. I won't gine any new asset regarding images or video, i won't to the creator work, please respect his work, i only tweak his choice to make game easier for replaying users. Please give author all merit he deserve.

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Reactions: Bloakersp0ngeTeamHentaiX and 48 others. FYI I'll try to post regular updates from this You must be registered to see the links. Reactions: shiddily.

Jun 11, 18 Jul 19, 3, 24, Do you happen to know if this should conflicts wtih any of the addon mods such as BroMod since I guess they changed them from straight qsps to things you start up once you are in game now.

Apr 27, 2 2. Clinic Pain relief Bug No relief from pain.

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FallenLondon Active Member. Aug 5, No matter how slutty I have the girl behave, inhibition goes up.

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That's only visible in the cheat menu, the bar showing inhibition level stays steady. Do I understand correctly this is not because of your mod, but it's a problem in the version you built your mod for?

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If so, how can I let the devs know? Reactions: GraciousLivingLoafyLemon and shiddily. Feb 25, 32 Nov 27, 5 1.

Possible bug - I have the bromod installed, and after installing yours, Sveta always gets embarrassed and runs to her room if she is found naked by a family member even with 0 inhibition. She will still her brother in the bathroom if she walks in on him. Reactions: BlackHawk. Game Compressor. Jun 26, 4, I am having a separate bromod qsp and ikarumod qsp. How can they work together? Bromod qsp should go in mod folder while ikuramod qsp goes in main game folder same place as girl life qsp.

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Launch game with either the girl life or the ikuramod qsp. Once the game is started load a new or saved game.

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Then click on the Menu option in the Objects window then click on the Mod Management in the Additional desc window. Click on Install new mod in the Actions window and type "bromod" in the pop-up window. Bromod should show as installed - continue your game and enjoy.

I don't know about mods folder.

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If you don't already have a mod folder just create one in the main Girl Life folder. Your bromod files should be extracted into the mod folder. The bromod qsp should be separate from the bromod folder in the mod folder - you should see both if you are looking at the mod folder. Other mods such as iwhore and basement are installed the same way. I have placed my mod files but when I enter "bromod" in settings it shows error what is the mistake am I doing.

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I have placed my mod files View attachment but when I enter "bromod" in settings it shows error View attachment what is the mistake am I doing. Not sure, you do have all of image pack files installed, not just the latest, in the bromod folder correct? BjoLei New Member. Aug 15, 2 0.

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Same problem here: line: 79 code: Any ideas how to solve this? Yeah I have all the images including the latest update in the images folder within bromod Ok I'll try it outside once and let u know. The standalone mod worked Mistakes I had done:Mod folder in girl life folder must me named "Mod" m in caps and standalone qsp downloaded Shud be renamed to BroMod and tats it Show hidden low quality content.

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