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Hotwife games baby found men especially for dating

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Will you be able to enter this kind of lifestyle?

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn hotwife games dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements.

I'll be submitting a new chapter each week. The gist of it: This is a series about naughty wives and their husbands participating in a very kinky game-show. You can jump in right here if you like; each chapter is deed as a contained story. Or, i f you are new to the series and want the full experience, you can start with Chapter 1 — the installments are usually short, brisk, and crammed with sex.

Hotwife games (hotwife, cuckold, humiliation)

Don't say I didn't warn you : Genuine feedback, constructive comments, lavish praise, and the inevitable furious trolling and crying from closet-cuck incels are all happily encouraged! Bright sun pierced through cracks in the cobalt blue drapes. It was a few minutes past noon, and the Southern California heat rolled over the L. Inside Gael's hillside Spanish-style mansion, however, cool, temperature-controlled air permeated the cavern of the master bedroom.

The movie star rolled over in his silk sheets, easing into consciousness. He felt a soreness spread through his muscular qu. He sensed he must have had a particularly heavy workout the day. As his eyes hotwife games open, he realized the word "workout" was only euphemistic.

The hotwife games ch. 08

Two supple female legs were wrapped around Gael's own. Each one, however, had a separate owner. On one side of him was a stunning Bollywood star, her dark hair asunder over the Van der Hilst pillow. On the other was a lithe Norwegian supermodel, her luscious breasts spilling over the sheets.

Both were asleep, and naked. The night before, he'd thrown one of his infamous underwear parties.

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It had resulted, as usual, in a Hollywood orgy of Caligulan proportions. He briefly recalled finishing the night by acrobatically fucking the Bollywood star in his bed doggy-style, while she ate out the Norwegian supermodel's pussy. That must have been when his qu started to tighten up Gael stretched out and sat up.

He folded one leg, stretching the aching muscle. He yawned contentedly.

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He swiftly got out of bed. He smacked her sexy, naked rump. Gonna need all my stamina today The shapely Indian beauty grumbled sleepily. Her half-lidded eyes took in the sight of his ripped, naked body and giant, semi-hard cock, wishing for a quick taste.

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Gael sauntered into his master bedroom for a piss. He took in the expansive view of the city below, and breathed in, readying himself. He'd only been part-honest about the stamina excuse — the truth was, he didn't want to fuck her that morning because he was saving his seed.

10 hotwife games for your wife led marriage

He had a sense that he'd need it all He grabbed a hand-towel from a closet. He made his way up to his home gym. That morning, he was going to have a killer workout. He'd get his body pumped, hotwife games, and in peak condition. He was going to be ready for anything. Rakesh, too, stirred from a deep, dreamless sleep. He squinted against the light pouring through the drapes, and turned over in the plush bed at the Jade Dolphin hotel.

Rakesh's brain slowly surfaced. He never slept in this late, but now he felt a leaden slumber dragging at his muscles like an anchor weight.

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The events of the night swam into his mind — events that had exhausted him thoroughly, mentally and physically. Sordid, sexy images of the night before flashed through his mind — an implausible half-dream. Had Diana really performed such wanton depravity with those three strangers, while he watched behind a curtain?

"hotwife games"

Or had it all been some sort of surreal nocturnal vision? Rakesh stepped out of bed, nude. He made his way to the bathroom, his cock hardening at the vivid melange of memories in his brain. Diana wasn't in the bathroom either. Rakesh lifted the seat and took a pee.

For : homemade hotwife game

After cucking him, his wife had bid him out from behind the curtain, and made him explode multiple times Is that why he felt so completely drained? Or had he imagined it all? Now it occurred to him that it was strange that his wife was missing. After all, where would she possibly go? They had definitely fallen asleep together, and the studio car was only due to pick them up from the hotel at four PM.

It was the second day of The Hotwife Games, and the shoot would carry them into the evening. There was a man in hotwife games hotel suite's kitchen. The man had a goatee. He wore a blue tailored uniform with a golden name-tag. On his head was a velvet gendarme hat embroidered with the logo of the Jade Dolphin Hotel.

He looked vaguely familiar to Rakesh. And then Rakesh realized he was one of the hotel's bellmen.

"hotwife games"

The doorman saw Rakesh and his face froze. Diana continued to bob wetly up and down, sucking on his hard, naked dick. She wore only a robe — the white, fluffy bathrobe provided by the hotel. Diana withdrew her mouth from his plump, hard member, and turned.

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Now Rakesh could see that Diana's robe was drawn open, exposing her full, naked breasts and the little landing-strip of hair over her pussy. Hi, sweetie," Diana said to her husband, with a big smile. The bellboy? His eyes stayed hotwife games on Rakesh. He seemed a little shellshocked. She leaned forward and captured the thick cock in her mouth once again.

She looked at her husband as she swirled her tongue over the hard, purple head. She licked and kissed on the stranger's cockhead, "You're not mad, are you? You promised Rakesh just stared, dumbfounded, as his sexy wife stared into his eyes while sucking another man's balls.

Fuck, Diana was hot She looked up at the bellman and took his rod in her mouth again. He groaned basally. Give us some privacy, okay? Rakesh was shocked.

Hotwife ashley – new chapter 3 – version

He'd just caught his wife sucking off a stranger in their hotel suite, and now she was asking to be left alone? He wanted to protest. To shove the stranger out and reclaim Diana. At the same time, he knew she hotwife games, completely and definitely, a slut now. He knew she was a hot-wife — his hot-wife — a naughty woman who would please and be pleased by any man she wanted, with or without him present. Rakesh fought off the sickening feelings of jealousy as Diana teasingly tickled the groove of the bellman's pee-hole with her tongue.

For seven minutes, Rakesh sat on the bed, stroking his cock. He could hear his wife faintly through the door, sucking the bellman's dick and occasionally teasing him with her words. The stranger groaned repeatedly in pleasure.