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In the game, Johnny tampers with Susan and Mary 's "Real Life Simulator" machine, inadvertently allowing Wacko access to the machine, who uses it to turn the town of Porkbelly into a Medieval city. If that weren't enough, Brain Freezer is holding the twins' beloved Gil hostage.

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Johnny test games

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Johnny test

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Johnny test games

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When Johnny meddles with one of his genius twin sisters' out-of-this-world science experiments, he plunges the town of Porkbelly into chaos. Now Johnny and his loyal pooch Dukey must break all the rules in order to save his friends in this action-packed platformer adventure! Play as Johnny Test with all of your favorite friends and foes from the show, including Johnny's egg-head sisters, Gil, and nefarious villains such as Bling-Bling Boy, Mr. Whacko, and Brain Freezer!

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Play through 12 mind-bending levels of non-stop adventure, including side-splitting story and video game parodies. Speed limits, time limits, physical limits -- you name it — with a fantastic collection of gadgets fresh from the laboratory! View More View Less. From the Manufacturer. Customer Reviews 3. Top Reviews All Reviews. Reset Apply.

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Age Over Filter Clear Filters. CamTheGamerX 1 year ago.

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This game is based on the show of the same name on Cartoon Network. The story feels like it came from the show. The sound is average but not bad. The graphics are mediocre, but still work. The gameplay is also run-of-the-mill.

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Once you unlock all of the power-ups, the game becomes too easy. Length of ownership: 1 year or longer.

Johnny test

Anonymous 2 years ago. It was like I was with Johnny the whole time; I slouched so much during that game. Now if they had multiplayer I would enjoy it much more with my cod clan bkg!

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Can we get the developers to get it going? Thanks and bless the lord for bestowing this game to all the children!

Length of ownership: 3 months. Length of ownership: 1 week. BenPaz 3 years ago. A great use of 5 dollars for a godly platformer that is better than nsmb. Sound 5. Gfresh 10 years ago. It is just a straight old school platformer with your standard power ups to help you through each level. Now that isnt exactly a bad thing as there's definately an audience for these games myself includedthough some people will want more out of there purchase.

Gameplay - Is your standard platforming with your scattered secret items throughout the levels and power ups to help you defeat enemies.

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There is nothing new or unique here but that isnt such a bad thing when the gameplay is more then competent if your looking for nothing more then that. Sound - Unfortunately there are no voice overs what so ever which is a huge letdown. In game music and sound effects are pretty generic and forgettable. Controls - Very easy to get the hang of.

Johnny test games

Y is your run button, B your jump button, etc. If you've played any 2D platformers in the last years you'll have no problems here. Graphics - There actually quite "boring" to be honest. The model for Johnny looks very bland and doesnt have much detail which should be the complete opposite since he's the star. Overall Johnny Test the videogame isnt bad, its just plain.

Johnny test

You'll be done with it in about hours at the very most and theres nothing to really come back to after that. Its an ok way to pass the afternoon but nothing really more then that. Sound 2. Anonymous 10 years ago. Show All Reviews. Pre-Owned Gaming Guarantee. Most purchases can be returned within 30 days for free in-store or online. Learn More.