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Writers of science fiction stories love to exploit the possibility of intelligent life on other planets, and what happens when that intelligent life comes face-to-face with ours. We've seen it hundreds of times in movies and books; The Day the Earth Stood Still is a classic example, made new again by a recent movie remake. So it should come as no surprise to see a game about being Kidnapped By Aliens. Developer Selfdefiant tells the story of a human protagonist you who has been kidnapped and awaits who-knows-what from his or her captors. Sharing a room with a "Human Pod"an impenetrable elliptical door, a rather small bed, a yellow locker, and a bizarre pipe full of blue liquid that appears to function as a toilet. By the use of a little ingenuity, our hero manages to escape the cell and explore more areas of the UFO, with the ultimate goal of returning to Earth

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Mafia Definitive Edition Guide, Walkthrough by gamepressure. This of the Mafia Definitive Edition guide contains a walkthrough for the Alien Infiltration side mission available in the Free Ride mode.

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You will learn how to change the time of day to night, how to prepare for chasing a UFO, how to rescue the alien inhabitants of the city, and how to shoot down the flying saucer. You can learn about this mission by finding Herbert Baskerville's letter in the Free Ride.

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The letter can be found on a round table in Salieri's office, on the bar's upper floor. This is the most difficult side mission in the game.

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It can only be done at night. You can change the time of day during in Salieri's bar. Visit the conference room on the ground floor the one where you had numerous meetings with Salieri and other gangsters during the story.

Kidnapped by aliens

There are paintings hanging on the wall of this room, and each one changes the time of day. Interact with the first picture from the right. The mission starts in the tram depot shown in the above images, located in the western part of the Works Quarter. Park your vehicle as close to the phone booth as possible so you can start driving immediately after the mission begins.

When the challenge begins, a flying saucer will appear over Tommy.

Kidnapped by aliens 2

Your job is to save the inhabitants from being kidnapped by aliens. The first hijacking will happen shortly after the mission begins. You must save the inhabitant before the UFO kidnaps that person. Otherwise, you will fail the mission.

Kidnapped by aliens 2

To stop the kidnapping, take out the pistol and shoot at the flying saucer. One hit is enough, but you have to be close enough for the bullet to hit the target. However, don't get too close to the flying saucer, as you may have trouble aiming at it without getting off the bike or getting out of the car. The second kidnapping will happen in the Central Island district. An example of the route is shown on the map above. The most important part of the road to the Central Island district is a partially raised drawbridge.

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Try to drive as fast as possible to jump over the bridge. Fortunately, you shouldn't fall off your bike even if you make a very long jump. The third kidnapping takes place in Downtown. Again, you can use the suggested route from the image above. This ride can be very confusing if you choose to follow the flying saucer and having it in your view at all times.

The fourth kidnapping takes place in the Beech Hill district.

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We have drawn the recommended path on the map. Now you have to ride quickly to the lighthouse. You don't have to rush as much as you did with the kidnappings. Soon, however, you will learn that you have 8 minutes to complete the mission. You have to ride the serpentines again, only this time on the southern side.

Play kidnapped by aliens 2 – walkthrough, new room

When you approach the lighthouse, you will have to fight gangsters with headgear resembling aliens. This battle doesn't stand out in any particular way, but remember that:. The UFO should crash next to the lighthouse. Watch a funny cut-scene starring "men in black". All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates.

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Mafia Definitive Edition Guide, Walkthrough. Game Guide. Free raid.

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Alien Infiltration. Table of Contents. Happy birthday! Secrets and finders. Trophy guide. Trophy list, roadmap Stuffed pockets I refuse to arrest Police interest He's got this car ripped off Stuntman driver.

Kidnapped by aliens 2

Remake - how it differs from original? Race - how to win? Appearance - how to change? Armoured vehicle - how to stop it? Armoured vehicle - is it available? Crazy Horse vehicle - how to unlock?

Kidnapped by aliens 2

Time of day and weather - how to change? Police - how to avoid? Vehicles - how to steal? You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this .