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I'm dating friend who wants kunoichi tsubaki game

Playing as a ninja is cool, but Kunoichi Tsubaki is extra cool as it is about female ninjas who have special cat powers. Lewd RPGs are not exactly in short supply these days, but this was one that was easy enough to get into and quite short in its length so it is the ideal game for those that want a lewd RPG, but they do not want one where they have to give up 50 plus hours of their life to get to the good stuff.

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Keyshops are usually cheaper than official stores and will help you save money.

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Kunoichi tsubaki

But there is one ray of light that strikes through the darkness. The only people with the strength to resist the warlords, are a special group of women, shrouded in secrecy. Censorship : Yes Version : 1.

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In order to punish the oppressive warlords, first investigate the town by day, disguised as a maid. Then, use your ninja skills to sneak into their castle at night, and vanquish the enemy! Although Tsubaki is highly-skilled agent especially in erotic techniques, she drowns in sexual pleasure.

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Get close to the target in the guise of a waitress, get useful information by means of erotic seduction! If she overlooks the presence of a trap and falls into it……?

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Kunoichi is not an exception. If you want to earn money quickly, working in a whorehouse can be recommended.

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But if she does too much in a whorehouse… Well, check it out in the retail version! Enemies are knocked unconscious by sneak attacks, allowing you to avoid combat. While transformed, your Lust steadily decreases.

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You cannot move to new areas while transformed. Ecstasy increases Lust, and makes her stronger.

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When Lust reaches maximum, Tsubaki is in heat. Being in heat has its pros and cons. Try to learn how to make the best use of it in each situation. While being restrained Tsubaki will continuously be given H attacks. Having finished the ordeal in the Ninja Village, now approved as a Kunoichi.

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Serious in missions but sometimes shows ignorance and carelessness. Because she successfully overcame the ordeal, she is very confident in durability against sexual attacks. Is yet to pass the ordeal but accompanies Tsubaki as a supporter.

Kunoichi tsubaki download free

Characterized by optimistic and easygoing personality. Not so much against erotic things, so she sometimes takes information by means of temptation. A tenderhearted girl but annoyed by her arrogant father. Download the Walkthrough file here.

Send me an when this game has an update.

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