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I liked lab rats game endings boy who loves teens

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New posts. Search forums. Install the app. Lab Rats. Thread starter Cormick Start date Mar 26, You are using an out of date browser.

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Cormick Member. Dec 25, 9 5 Stumbled on this a couple of days ago, honestly surprised it doesn't have a thread here because it is pretty great. Has some very nice graphics and quite good writing. Probably the first time I seriously considered supporting a Patreon instead of just going for the free public builds yeah I know, I suck. Tinman Well-Known Member.

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Aug 30, Looks like version. Might as well wait to test it out. Regardie Active Member. Jan 12, 44 13 It's a fun game by a single creator. I have cleaned up the grammar and corrected spelling mistakes and put my files up in the comments section of the release post. I have not seen a reply from Vren since the game went live so I don't know what he thinks about my work, but he has said in the past that he is keeping all assets open for anyone to mod as long as they continue to be free.

Apr 6, It's a very good game.

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I don't like that you turn Lily and Stephanie into sluts, but you can avoid looking at those implied gangbangs if you don't flirt with Stephanie or Search Lily's computer. But other than that, I'm quite fond of it. I'd offer the guy my support but I have nothing tangible to give. Played through a few times over the past couple days and got everyone except the mother fully influenced. Came close my first playthrough, but stopped around the 90s when I ran out of content for her and didn't know it had to be over I did have a lot of fun playing this and enjoyed the look of the characters, which is quite important with 3D.

How to unlock the lab rat achievement

This feels like a very complete game with only a couple areas where missing content is noticeable. That said, there are some flaws. Most notably, there is no indication of how high influence needs to get for a particular ending. Using a blue serum you can have sex with any character, and threesomes where available, once their influence is over That means you could easily see all content for a character well before reaching the influence needed to see their ending. It's also extremely repetitive. Even using the skip feature as much as possible it takes close to an hour to play through all days.

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The balancing between influence and resistance gains seem to be way off. The in-game text suggests that it's repeating actions that increases resistance, when in reality it's just repeated exposure to the serums. This is a big deal when resistance can jump 30 or more points from a single act and you're not checking resistances on a first playthrough.

Purple and red serums also don't seem to do as one would expect based on in-game text. One would expect purple serums to have a lower impact on both influence and resistance and red serums to do the opposite. Instead, they only seem to affect what choices you can make with purple rolling you back one blue can get them naked but purple only gets them topless and red bumping you up one you can get them lab rats game endings with blue or you can get a handjob with red while seeming to have the same or very similar impacts on influence and resistance.

Lastly, here's some tips for those that haven't played yet. No guarantee it'll get you all the girls, as I have yet to succeed at that. Be sure you search Stephanie's desk a couple of times when given the opportunity. You'll find the door code and be able to create 5 blue serums at a time morning and night. Use the info button at the top right to check resistance after each serum use.

Sex scenes that aren't serum induced seem to lower resistance faster. I haven't been able to pinpoint how much exactly as my attempts to test didn't show an immediate change, but girls you have these interactions with do drop faster. Here's a general list of them that I'm aware of Spoiler: No serum required Mom Watching movies with her and Lily after a certain point of influence will result in both getting topless or naked without the serum when their influence is high enough On Monday, if you're giving her part of your pay, she'll offer to do things for money.

May walk in while you're watching porn Randomly chooses to sleep in your bed Lily Aforementioned movie watching Any time she is in her room and not about to go on a date will offer some sex scene as her influence grows Also might walk in while you're watching porn Randomly chooses to sleep in your bed Alexia Seems to happen randomly while napping under the tree on campus or taking the bus home lab rats game endings night.

Stephanie As her influence grows she'll show up naked or masturbating in the lab during weekday mornings Random encounter while napping under tree on campus Nora Might be in lab weekday nights and will occasionally be naked or interested in sex, also has lesbian scenes with Stephanie if her influence is also high enough.

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Reactions: Sapphire. You can go into the script file with notepad and change some things to make it easier on ya if ya need to. Simply changing how much resistance falls over time can have a ificant impact on progression. Dragon Well-Known Member.

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Mar 7, I played this a while back, this current version seems a little harder than the older versions where you could only do scenes once. Miscellaneous Forum Viewer said:. Click to expand Dragon said:.

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Wait, Exactly which files do I need to open to reach that script? Tinman said:.

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You're looking for these lines, just add zeroes after the -1 to lower resistance by each day. Version 0.

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I have spent some time with the Ren'Py files and cleaned up the grammar and spelling. I also fixed a couple bits of text that were not correct based on the surrounding text. I found a few spots where the wrong variables were incremented and fixed them as well.

Nora in the lab giving a blowjob swallows but didn't have an increment for that so I added that. Lab brothel ending has you finishing in Steph's mouth to keep their makeup clean but Nora got the status change, I fixed that as well. Save your rpy versions in your game folder somewhere else if you have a concern about using these files. After doing that copy my files into your game folder, replacing the originals.

The next time you launch the game it should generate new rpyc files for you.

I am going to try to get Vren to look at this thread so he knows there is discussion going on about the game. Thanks for the update. Looking at the changelog it seems that the new endings for having multiple girls over influence is the biggest difference. While that is ificant, the game already felt so complete at.

As much as I loved how complete the game felt with the last version it ruins replayability from one version to the next that I'm used to from games like TLS that add content with each update. Still, if anyone hasn't played this I would strongly recommend it.

Especially since it looks like the latest version does a better job telegraphing influence and resistance gains, along with improving influence drops from non-serum scenes. Sapphire Well-Known Member. Mar 31, 61 7 35 New York.

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I have an interesting question since you went thru the code. I played the new version without your fixes and I don't think I ever get the "bump into sister" middle of the night scene. I still get the one with the mother but I played thru almost the entire summer vacation and went to be early literally every night and never get that scene.