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Lagoon sex games looking up woman who wants hardcore

Shark's Lagoon is a 3D porn world filled with its own 3D characters and models. The site reminds me of a relic straight out of the late 90s.

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What is my age: 41
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My gender: I am female
What is my figure type: My body features is chubby
Other hobbies: Dancing

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Shark lagoon games - flash sex games

So open up, motherfuckers. Not a teenager, though, but horny. What can I say about it? The site is a hodgepodge of erotic games, sexy stories with animation, and a forum. But the language option works. So shout out to our Frenchies out there! The bright blue background sets everything up, and upfront, you get the latest updates on popular titles -same old, same old.

You know the drill. There are also adverts from other sexy games on either side of the home. Beats me. Maybe moderators need the money. So back to the review. The site itself is lagoon sex games. Another button is for contributions. All the regular stuff you find in an erotic game website, right?

But the shining star on the set up is the forum section. I love a good forum. There can never be enough forums on the Internet. I did enough digging to surmise that perhaps only a handful of people are subscribed to the site, but they keep it tight. Oh, and I forgot another highlight of the website: Milly.

Please enjoy our very own adult games:

So Milly, right? Strokem Har har, can they get any more obvious? Strokem, bless his heart, gives Milly a chance. Because, why not?

Shark lagoon sex games - flash sex games

A sexy down on her lucky gal? Of course, Mr. Strokem will give Milly a chance. Like all of us, bozos would if we ever encounter a Milly. So yeah, Milly gets the job. You know the type. So Milly gets the job, yeah?

Adult game

Then they get on with their work. Strokem, and the poor dude finally relents. Cue the cumming, yeah? And so, these two co-workers have sex adventures that include girl-on-girl action, threesome, bondage, etc. The best part?

That means you get to binge read it in one sitting or plan to divide it in separate readings, so you really savor wink, wink the story.

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So the games, yeah? Nice of them, huh?

Sharks lagoon sex games

Well, Adobe better shape up because we all need Flash in our lives. HTML games first. For all of the bells and whistles that are on the site, what I really liked about it was its simplicity. Yeah, idiots.

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Admin, hear this out. How about you put in some HTML games in there, huh? Come on, mofos.

A demo is well and good, but guys, developing two or three games that will serve as your teaser will make your site visitors increase. Keep up. You can only have so many excuses for a shitty site. All in all, the Shark Lagoon is a hit for me. Beggars can be choosers, right?

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How about you jack off your little willy because nobody in your 7th-grade class will, you dumb fuck? S sharks-lagoon. Sharks Lagoon Games S sharks-lagoon. The Games So the games, yeah? Recommendations Admin, hear this out. Conclusion All in all, the Shark Lagoon is a hit for me.

Sharks lagoon porn games

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