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Sword Girls is a browser based card game featuring anime art style. While this is a card game, it's heavily dependent on a crafting system to keep its players occupied. WIXOSS is a trading card game released as substantial cards and video game, the game has adapted into anime and several manga.

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Kurusu Kimihito is an ordinary guy with a monster-sized problem: Miia, the monster gi Kurusu Kimihito is an ordinary guy with a monster-sized problem Kurusu Kimihito is an ordinary guy with a monster-sized problem: Miia, the monster girl! Starring: Ari Ozawa.

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Cereaa slime girl named Suu, a mermaid named Meroune, an arachne named Rachnera, and a dullahan named Lala. And this group's only getting bigger. Three years ago, the government revealed the existence of monsters to the world and began working to integrate the two societies. Just like human cultural exchange programs, some humans have been sent to live with monsters, while some monsters are now living with humans.

Due to an error, Miia ended up at Kimihito's house by mistake, but her case worker is too lazy to fix it.

Over time, Miia ended up falling for Kimihito, but due to the laws governing the cultural exchange program, if they ever consummate their relationship, she'll be sent back to her own country. Things get even more complicated when the other girls arrive This series has a wiki. And there is good news for English-speaking countries; Seven Seas Entertainment has d the series under the title Monster Musume and started releasing it.

Several volumes are available already, and most of them topped the New York Times manga charts! The anime began airing in summer oftitled Everyday Life with Monster Girlsand has been d to Sentai Filmworks. See the preview here. Sadly, it was announced that the game would be shutting down on November 22, An OVA was released in Novemberfeaturing an extended anime adaptation of Chapter 17 of the manga.

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This manga is a Bleached Underpants work based on the author's online hentai manga shorts, Living with Monster Girl ; please do not post tropes applying to that one. For Okayado's other works with monster girls, see Deadline Summoner and 12 Beast.

Monster musume: everyday life with monster girls online

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You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. The protagonist isn't in the picture, but we all know you're just here for the monster girls anyway. Tropes to D. Aborted Arc : The whole "can't have sex with a homestay" law seems to have just been completely forgotten in later chapters, where there are dating met ups being set up without any commentary as well as several inter species couples out in the open, many of which are openly sexual.

Albeit there are implications that the government has simply given up trying to enforce most such rules especially with groups like Black Lily competing with them in the PR departmentinstead merely trying to make sure any actual sex takes place in private and that no one gets abused.

One of the earlier Arcs was around Kimihito being the first to get married to one of the girls to bridge relationships between monster girls and humans, only for later chapters to casually show several human and monsters as fiancees or already married. Accidental Marriage : Centaurs have strict rules about only letting one's "master" ride on their backs. Naturally, Kimihito finds this out right after he spends most of chapter 4 riding Centorea.

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Action Girl : The special ops, with special mention to Zombina who totes uzis. A-Cup Angst : Manako's response to finding out that a cm I-cup bra was insufficient to contain Centorea is to go into shock and grab at the air in front of her chest. Even the fairly buxom Miia and Rachnee are slightly alarmed. Tionishia tries to cheer her up by saying small breasts aren't bad.

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Doppel points out Tio can't understand what it means to be flat since her own bust is cm, which is big enough to make Centorea seem flat by comparison. Centorea herself, believe it or not, suffers from this slightly when she meets Cathyl, a minotaur who she is displeased to note is bustier than her. Though it should be noted that Tionishia is also bustier than Centorea, but she's never had a problem with her note Perhaps because Tio's uniform is fairly modest while Cathyl wears a skimpy bikini top, plus Cathyl is even bigger than Tio both overall and has a bust 11cm bigger than her as well.

A relatively short minotaur named Cream is self conscious about her bust, being only a J-cup. Kimihito points out that minotaurs have a different standard for bust sizes. While she's huge by human standards, for a minotaur she is quite underdeveloped. Adaptation Expansion : In both the anime and the manga, there's a scene shortly after Rachnera's introduction, where Centorea runs off with Kimihito, and they get surrounded and accosted by a gang of racists who make a bunch of disparaging and sexual remarks about Centorea, which she ignores, but then a slight against Kimihito sends her into a blind rage.

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In the manga, this is just ish slight against him, speculating he has a tiny penis, but in the anime, the crowd mockingly questions how Kimihito could think any human could possibly be well endowed enough to satisfy a centaur woman, who'd need someone literally hung like a horse. This makes her blind rage far more believable in light of the later manga subplot of how utterly screwed-up Centaur mating is, and how mating for love is heavily looked down upon in favor of marrying males for their size and strength, something which she refuses to do.

Adaptation-Induced Plot Hole : In the manga, Cerea drags Miia along so they can search for Lala's head, while the anime has Miia frantically volunteer herself just to not be left with the headless body.

Living with monster girls

Both versions display that she's much more terrified of the head even just knowing that there's one lying aroundso she should have believed that staying with the body was the lesser of two evils, though it is hinted that it's the absence of Kimihito when something scary is happening that she's most afraid of. In the anime, the episode that has Kimihito help Miia with her shedding takes place after Suu and Mero have ed the household, whereas in the manga, the chapter took place beforehand. This creates the plothole of Suu being badly affected by Miia's cooking despite it being shown in episode 12 that she can eat poisonous plants just fine albeit becoming poisonous herself.

Plus while the other girls have souls coming out of their mouthsSuu is just using her own tentacle-antennae to give the appearance of such In the anime, the episode that has Kimihito catching a cold happens after Rachnera has ed the harem, instead of before like the manga. This gets lampshaded when she finally tires of the squabbling of the other living with monster girl game and webs them all up, only to have Suu run off to "help" Kimihito before she can deliver any instructions of her own.

Adaptational Modesty : Let's put it blandly: the single comics that started it all were barely even Porn with Plot note and even then entirely on the basis that they focused less on sex and more on the comical Slice of Life situations that might emerge from living with a non-human person. The anime falls into the ecchi category albeit pretty heavy ecchi. That said, over time quite a few background characters do end up blurring the line even further, with censored depictions of sex and even massive orgies. He may have superhuman self-control, but we get numerous looks at his internal living with monster girl game as the girls try to charm him and they show that he does, in fact, have a working pair down there.

All Myths Are True : All monstersat the very least. All There in the Manual : The MonMusu Collection end-cards in the anime, which give detailed facts about different extra-species: The first expands on lamia as well as their sub-species, like echidna which have venom like vipers and melusine a winged type. The second shows harpies and their sub-species, including raptors carnivores that are more like eagles or hawks and poultry which are essentially chickens in harpy form. The third covers centaurs and their sub-species, which include lightweights aka racing centaurs, a fragile type built for speedheavyweights built for size and strengthand dairy types with minotaur-sized breasts and prodigious milk output.

The fourth looks at slimes and their sub-species, such as red slimes an acidic type with the personality to match and green slimes a poisonous type who can't keep full humanoid form. The fifth is about mermaids and their sub-species, among them sharks who have a skeleton made of cartilage in their lower bodies and fresh water class who travel between rivers and oceans like salmon.

The sixth looks at arachne and their sub-species, like small breeds which are small and good at jumping like jumping spiders and large breeds which are larger and covered with hair like tarantulas. The seventh explains Monoeyes and their sub-species, like the Cyclops who are larger than the others and the Backbeards who have a variety of eye powers like hypnosis and Eye Beams. The eighth covers zombies and their variants, such as Mummies who often have difficult personalities due to being former royalty and Chinese Vampires jiangshi ; who practice tai chi to ward off t stiffness.

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The ninth discusses ogres and their relatives, such as trollswhich are bigger and more muscular than regular ogres; and giganteswhich are even bigger and stand more than 10 meters high. The tenth discusses dragonewts and their relatives, such as Ryu-jin, which are a wingless Eastern-dragon species, and wyverns, which have their wings on their arms and can actually fly with them. The card also has doppelgangerswho have no sub-species mentioned. The eleventh covers dry and their relatives, such as alraune, who are flower-based, and mandragora, who are a root-based species known for their extremely loud screams.

The card also has dullahanswho have no sub-species mentioned. The twelfth is about the various long-lived and slightly out-of-fashion subspecies of devilssuch as greater devils, who look like Kogals from the 90s, and elder devils, who look like disco dancers from Japan's bubble economy in the late 80s. The card also has kobolds, who have no subspecies mentioned.

The manga also has s after the story is done devoted to explaining the physical traits and societies of different monster girl types: for example, kobolds have a near-monopoly on the world's cobalt supply, making them all living with monster girl game wealthy. This is why Polt is able to afford to build her massive gym and stadium. Those who are not in for outright sex will tease the protagonist to no end. Chapter 31 shows that they're all genuinely oblivious to the idea that most girls wouldn't like mixed baths.

Chapter 64 shows all of the women being the aggressive ones in the mixed baths, to the point the Main Characters were hired to stop any sex from happening, something that exhausts them very quickly.

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The ways in which monster girls display it varies substantially, and most of the time most can control themselves just fine if they want to and many are noted for loyalty if they find someone to lovebut a quite high libido is presented as a generally unifying trait for them. Amusing Injuries : In chapter 5, Kimihito walks into the kitchen, and has a big u-shaped hoofprint on his face.

He explains to Miia that he accidentally walked in on Centorea while she was bathing after her morning exercise. Later Miia has hoofprints all over her as well when she tries to stop Centorea from running away, with Kimihito, from filling out her [Centorea's] homestay application.

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And then there are all the times Kimihito gets crushed by doors Zombina as well, since already being dead she can survive them. She takes her hand falling off as one would their wrist watch coming loose.

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Animation Bump : The anime already had good animation, but the twelfth episode pulled out all the stops, featuring many fluid and elaborate animations. The animators included an amusing reference to this, with Kimihito destroying the infamous QUALITY Cabbage which became a symbol of cheap animation during his "food ram" at the end, as to ify that they are against cutting corners and half-assing things.

Arbitrary Skepticism : Despite being extra-species themselves, the girls have a hard time believing that dullahans are anything other than an old myth, even after Lala turns up. Kimihito lampshades this by saying something like "You guys are in no position to talk. Aren't You Going to Ravish Me? But due to a combination of him being Above the Influenceand also being thrown in jail if he did do it with them, he never takes advantage of them, even when they practically throw themselves on top of him. There have actually been several occasions where sex would have likely occurred Kimihito even noting his resistance to his sexy roommates has its limitsonly for an Amusing Injury or Interrupted Intimacy to occur.

Monster musume - everyday life with monster girls

The chances of a successful seduction get lower as more monster girls start living with him, because while most of the girls would jump at the chance for a romp in the sheets or on the floor, or anywhere really with Kimihito, they, similarly, will stop at nothing to keep the OTHER girls from getting intimate with him.

Miia and Cerea in particular are prone to protecting his "purity" for themselves, that is. Even Kimihito becomes guilty of this by the end of the farm arc, after the satyrs end up seducing every other extraspecies girl on the farm, resulting in the minotaur and faun girls no longer needing Kimihito for milking or sex. Art Shift : In episode 3 of the anime Miia, Papi, and Centorea are about to fight each other for Kimihito's affections.

They are rendered as creepy, Madoka -esque blobs of color with no pupils, moving in an unnatural way. The scene also ends in a Pastel-Chalked Freeze Frame. In chapter 70, a pack of mohawk-sporting biker bandits trying to rob the farm are drawn in the style of Fist of the North Star.

Then again, monster people were considered fictional to humans until a while ago. There might be an explanation for how their bodies work in their world, though they wouldn't necessarily work in the real world. Likely justified due to supernatural elements ; after all, it's not as if Zombina or Lala could even be "alive" otherwise.

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