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I'm seek femme mistress contract game wants hardcore

Experience a forbidden love with great-looking men!

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Experience a forbidden love with great-looking men! Introducing a new romance game with great-looking men from Accela - the developer of many popular otome games! Enjoy stories with titles such as "Mistress contract" with the free otome game for women. Become a gorgeous man's lover and go through a painful heart break… Be forced into an arranged marriage with prince charming… Unexpectedly kissed without warning or start a relationship with the one you yearn for! This is a romance game with a dramatic storyline! Experience a little bit of love with your virtual man every day with this convenient romance game!

Age: 33
My sexual orientation: Gentleman
Eyes: I’ve got large hazel eyes
My figure features: My body type is slim
I prefer to drink: Vodka
Favourite music: Easy listening

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His old phone got smashed to bits last week, so I guess he needed a new one, lol.

white floozy Kamilah

When did that come out? It just came out in April, but I missed it somehow. Yes, free.

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Completely free. No checkpoints to pass, no love lessons to take, no choices to make…Nothing.

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You only have to worry about reading the story. You get five jewels per day that act as story tickets.


I just downloaded it and explored it a little bit. I mean, come on, the name is practically the same. But, hey, I could be wrong! But probably not.

Mistress contract

And I also want to play Mistress Contract so Ciagram realizes we want more of their games translated in English! After all, like I said, they have dozens more available in Japanese.

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It boggles my mind and frustrates me to no end. I did play all routes it is really sad that they only have 2 guys and for one guy only the first season.

Mistress contract version history

This game actually came out a long time ago. It was released by another company but for some reason was taken down.

slutty teen Avalynn

Eric is a huge jerk and the MC is a big pushover, so you were right on the mark :satisfied: I've been playing Alex's route and he's not bad. But I'm not really into soap opera stories so I haven't really been able to get into the route.

Mistress contract by ciagram

I thought it looked familiar, but was it released by ciagram back then? But several games love the contract marriage theme, so you can't blame a girl for confusing them all.

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If I remember correctly it was released by Accela Corporation. The some company that released Illegal Romance.

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Lol there really are a lot of contract marriage games out there xD. Ciagram has dozens of games This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

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Spoiler alert!

Featured post Unfiltered: James Tailor Tales. Featured post Blood and Roses.

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Featured post Newbie Missions. Into Otome? the community.

Mistress contract

Get App. More from NerdBerd [inactive]. KayKay4 1 day ago.

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