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One of the easiest ways to make it happen is to set aside a few hours at a time for just the two of you.

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Family video games are essential in my house because, frankly, my sons are addicted to video games. If my sons had their way they would wake up playing video games and fall asleep playing video games. In fact, we start off each day of homeschooling with video games. One of the reasons, I love video games for my sons is that I feel like it grants them access to worlds they otherwise would not be aware of. All it takes is for us moms to sit down with a joy stick and check into what unique knowledge each game has to offer.

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Step aside newlyweds, this game is all about moms!

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Plus, it makes a great indoor activity while we patiently wait for all of our favorite places to open back up. Each person needs a dry-erase board, marker, and small cloth for erasing.

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A piece of paper works just fine too! Game host could arrange questions from easiest to hardest, as points, break questions into rounds, etc. Up to Keep Up! Make your little monsters happy with our newsletters filled with family events, insider deals, contests and more.

The top 10 games to play with your mom

Let's Go! How to Play: Each person needs a dry-erase board, marker, and small cloth for erasing. Game Play Variations: For little ones: Instead of writing, players could shout out answers. For multiple siblings: As points to each question and let siblings go head-to-head.

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What city was Mom born in? How many siblings does Mom have?

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How old is Mom? Is Mom allergic to anything? Which famous person would Mom like to meet most? What year did Mom graduate high school? What sport is your Mom best at? What phrase does Mom say the most?

45 simple ways a mom can spend time with her son

What did Mom study in college? What does Mom love most about me? How many pairs of shoes does Mom have? What was Mom wearing yesterday? What is Mom really good at?

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