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PencilKids is out with another stage of the beloved Monkey GO Happy games, and you won't believe witch predicament the monkeys have gotten themselves into this time! Our orange, pint-sized hero must gather cards for a witchcraft ritual.

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Back To School.

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NOTE : Everything in this section is completely optional.

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To continue with the main quest, skip to 2. Before doing this, however, there are actually a ton of goodies that you can now collect.

Monkey go happy witchcraft

If you remember from earlier, the Great Fairy of Magic in North Clock Town told you to come back to her if you returned to your old self. At night, it can be found in East Clock Town floating around in the middle of the square use the Deku Flower to reach it. While you were running around in North Clock Town as a Deku Scrub, you were probably dying to get the Piece of Heart in the branches of a tree near the slide.

Well, now that you have your Hylian Form back, you can! Even if you have the 3DS version, however, you will need to get the Title Deed from this quest once again to get an optional Piece of Heart. Speak with the Bomber in the yellowish orange cap in East Clock Town to access the sewers area leading to the Astral Observatory. With that in hand, return to Clock Town.

Monkey go happy witchcraft

Apparently, this group of kids is all about helping people, and this notebook will help you accomplish the many side quests that are found in this game. By completing different portions of quests, you will get stickers in the notebook that you can view by pressing Start. The Bombers are your first entry. For learning their code, either by playing with them again or by entering their hideout, you will have completed their entry. All of the other entries give you all sorts of goodies like Pieces of Heart or items.

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Simply approach the big Yellow Deku Flower to make him appear and speak with him to trade for the Land Title Deed again. Now that you are in your Hylian form, you can speak with the guards at any of the exits who will notice your sword after a moment and allow you to pass. At this point, you can only hold 99 rupees at a time, so whenever you get to about 80 or so, return to Clock Town and put your rupees in the bank, then go back to hunting rupees. Here is the recommended route:. If you defeat this bird, you can instantly get rupees. However, it is quite difficult and has a ton of health.

Plus, it steals your items from you if it attacks!

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Experienced players can try to defeat it now, but you should just ignore this enemy for now. Red Line Start from the south exit of Clock Town, going to the southeast, up the ramp area towards the Astral Observatory.

Monkey go happy witchcraft

Slash the circles of bushes along the way to get rupees and kill ChuChus that get in your way. Orange Line Right next to the Astral Observatory is a dude in a tree grabbing at something. Use A to roll into the tree, knocking down the guy and the 40 rupees that he was trying to get for himself.

Collect them and go back to the south. Open it to get 20 rupees. Green Line Work your way back towards Clock Town along the east side, slashing bushes as you go, getting another ish rupees.

Monkey go happy - witchcraft

Teal Line You should have about 90 rupees at this point. Enter West Clock Town and put your rupees in the bank. Remember that if you are playing the 3DS version, the bank is by the Clock Tower. Climb into each fountain itself to get a total of 10 rupees.

Monkey go happy - witchcraft

Dark Blue Line Work your way north along this upper ledge, slashing bushes as you go, getting ish rupees. Purple Line In the northern, snowy area, take the ramp down and go around to find a "song" up against the wall. Turn away from it and use your Ocarina to see it behind Link. If you put money in the bank during the first three day cycle, you should have close to rupees in total at this point. There is also an easy rupees to earn right here in Clock Town, so run over to where the yellow bomber is standing, near the route that takes you to the Astral Observatory.

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From here, run south and climb the steps. Just run straight ahead and Link will jump over the gap and grab the ledge on the other side. Then stand against the wall and continue running southward, where Link will automatically jump over to the posts against the wall.

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Once you make it across the final gap, circle around to find a treasure chest that contains a silver rupee! NOTE : You can get this silver rupee every single time you go back through a three day cycle.

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Once you get past the rupee mark, the banker will reward you with the Adult Walletwhich allows you to carry up to rupees at a time. If you would like more time running around, you can always play the Inverted Song of Time play the Song of Time backwards to slow time down, giving you more of an opportunity to collect rupees.

Make sure you are within North Clock Town just before midnight hits. As she walks through the area, another character named Sakon will rob her, taking her blue sack and running off with it. This will cause him to drop the sack and prance out of the area.

It should be about 1am right about now. It is recommended that you play the Inverted Song of Time playing the Song of Time backwards in order to slow time down.

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There are a few things yet to do on the First Night and you may not have enough time otherwise if this is your first time doing some of these side quests. Run back out into North Termina Field snowy area with all the mushrooms and run over to the mushroom farthest to the west left that is closest to this upper platform. Hop onto the ledge and jump onto the mushroom.

Speak with Kamaro to learn his plight. If you remember from earlier, the Mask Salesman told us that the Song of Healing brings rest to troubled spirits.

Monkey go happy - witchcraft

Unfortunately, it is shut out to the general public at night unless you have a reservation there. However, you can get in by using the nearby Deku Flower to get atop the thatch overhang and access the door on the second story. Do so, then go downstairs and follow the left wall which le to the latrine. Notice, however, in the N64 version, there is a box of paper on the floor here. This traveling musician, a member of the Gorman Troupe who plays a music box constantly, got kicked out of his room at the inn because his fellow performers needed their rest.

You can use this to parade small animals such as the little dog in South Clock Town. Link will then dance frighteningly, just like Kamaro, which the Rosa Sisters pick up on easily. If you are playing the N64 version, play the Song of Double Time to bring you to the second day.

Enter the Bomb Shop in West Clock Town, which is the northern most of the three doors on the west side. They normally sell regular Bomb Bags which allow you to carry 20 Bombs.

Monkey go happy witchcraft

By purchasing this, you can save money by skipping straight to the better Bomb Bag! Inside, you can chat with the dude sitting on the ledge to take one of his two courses. There are two courses available. The Expert Course is a challenge to see how many points you can rack up. How this works is occasionally two logs will come out of the ground. Keep your sword drawn and target them, then press A to perform a Jump Attack.

If you do it correctly, it will split down the middle, giving you 3 points.

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Do this to all of them to get a total of 30 points. The teacher will be impressed and gift you with a Piece of Heart.

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In northern Termina Field, enter the snowy area with all the mushrooms. A little to the west is one of the larger mushrooms which has a hole next to its stem. Run over it to fall in.

Monkey go happy witchcraft

Six bombs will kill each, causing them to explode. Alternatively, you can always attack them with your sword. Lure them to blow fire at you, then run around to slash at their tails. They spin around to counter-attack,and they might hit you with their tail as they do this, dealing lo of damage quickly. Remember, if you catch on fire, you can put it out by slashing your sword or rolling. Also, this is a fun place to play around with the Blast Mask.