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BOISE, Idaho — An Idaho lawmaker who publicized the name of a year-old intern who accused another state lawmaker of rape will face a legislative ethics hearing next month. Giddings did not immediately respond to a phone message and an from The Associated Press requesting comment. She faced criticism and complaints this year after sharing links to a far-right blog post that included the intern's name, photo and details about her life with thousands of people in a newsletter and on social media.

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R min Horror, Mystery, Thriller. Approved min Drama, Horror. A young couple trying for a baby move into a fancy apartment surrounded by peculiar neighbors. Votes:NC 85 min Horror. Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons.

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For my fellow skeptics, let me make it clear: gone are the West Virginian inbred cannibals and their hoard of corpse meat and car keys; the same goes for the dull predator vs.

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The culture clash here between "goddamn hipster freaks" and people of the woods is more complicated here, and the way it unfolds is brutal and shocking without being depraved itself. This is a remake that has clearly moved on from the original, and now wants to be graded on its brains instead of its brawn—for the dialogue it adds to the tension between two civilizations, especially as McElroy evolves the slasher story to cult horror, like an Appalachian " Midsommar. Nelson has a confidence that keeps this movie bolder than you expect.

The batch includes Jen an incredibly game Charlotte Vega and her boyfriend Darius Adain Bradleyan out-and-out socialist who works for a non-profit and openly dreams about monster rape game equal society. In general these hikers, who include a gay couple and also an interracial couple, are a liberal beacon for what they think the future of America should be.

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They're also dead meat, starting with the rogue tree trunk that suddenly barrels down the hill in an excellent, frantic sequence, killing one of them. The initial tension in the movie is between that of curdled Confederate dreams and Bernie Sanders-grade socialism, and while it can be a little on-the-nose, it does make for a strong foundation related to fear of the other. Which so happens to later manifest itself in the woods with a creepy cult known as The Foundation, who wear animal skulls as masks and moss as camouflage, and have created a secluded civilization the Appalachian mountains since Adam Dylan McTeethe hiking group's hothead, is dragged into one of the traps set by members of The Foundation, sending the hikers into panic mode.

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Along with the figures Jen sees in the woods, and the traps that injure them around the mountain Darius takes a spiked ball to the chest, but recovers with help of med student Milla [ Emma Dumont ]they're convinced it is they who are being hunted. When the hiking hipsters attack one of the Foundation members—without any outright violence committed beforehand—the act of killing becomes a divisive choice between the group.

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He is deeply insulted when Jen, pleading for her life, accuses The Foundation of being barbaric. But the intellectual ambitions of this "Wrong Turn" sometimes overwhelm it, and the ultimate meaning behind The Foundation comes apart when you think about it.

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As a snarky Frankenstein of Darius' socialist dreams and the locals' conservative ideology, the cult doesn't make too much sense as the statement it clearly wants to be. It does, however, lead to some great thrills, as the traps set by The Foundation for animals? The movie even begins with his search for her, and it gives the story a depth that makes it especially painful and nasty—everyone here is a family member, someone's loved one.

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And as the story goes on, McElroy scripts an often tight but long game with select pieces like Scott, and the locals back in town who beat him up when he asks too many questions. At the same time, "Wrong Turn" proves sharp at creating a strong sense of characters being doomed, but giving them a glimmer of hope if they can beat the next nasty threat in front of them. Meeting the mountain's locals is only just the beginning, and it becomes exciting to see McElroy and Nelson evolve "Wrong Turn" into a bizarre, winding odyssey, albeit with a lot more on its mind than just a cool kill.

In theaters only on January 26th and January 30th via Fathom Events.

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Rated R for strong bloody violence, grisly images and pervasive language. Charlotte Vega as Jes Shaw. Matthew Modine as Scott.

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Emma Dumont as Milla D'Angelo. Valerie Jane Parker as Corrine.

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Daniel R. Hill as Reggie. Reviews Wrong Turn. Nick Allen January 25, Now streaming on:. Powered by JustWatch.

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Now playing. The Tomorrow War Christy Lemire.

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Sublet Peter Sobczynski. Werewolves Within Nick Allen.

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Naomi Osaka Roxana Hadadi. Lansky Glenn Kenny. Film Credits.

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Hill as Reggie Director Mike P. Latest blog posts.