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You will assume the role of a young person in your city where you live the hottest situations. From the most casual situations to the intense dates with sexy girls. Patch unlocks some scenes threesome as an example and new text that you cannot get in normal gameplay.

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You will assume the role of a young person in your city where you live the hottest situations. From the most casual situations to the intense dates with sexy girls. Patch unlocks some scenes threesome as an example and new text that you cannot get in normal gameplay. Copy and extract to where game.

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Walkthrough Home Walkthrough. Author: Anonymous uwvr6Mx2vT. Recommend Documents. Walkthrough uhlghklsgsjhkljskljlDeskripsi lengkap. Walkthrough skajrim voktru. Animamundi Walkthrough animamundi walktrhough. Oyako Rankan English Walkthrough Full description. Walkthrough Chrono Cross Indo walkthroughFull description. Lost Orb Walkthrough walkthroughFull description.

Renryuu Ascension - Walkthrough Walkthrough Suikoden 2 suikoden maniaa : Deskripsi lengkap. Play - Bdsm - Walkthrough. DMD Walkthrough v0. OPTD 4. Camp Pinewood 0. School Days Hq Walkthrough Visual novel. Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough final walkthrough. Once the introduction is complete, you are taken to school. Image 1 — Talk to all classmates.

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Gyna and Rachel will see your penis. After the scene you will attend to the second class and leave school. Look at the small tutorial in your house. She live in 5th building in Old Quarter. She is upset with you. She will ask you to change answer to the exam, you have to sneak into the teacher area and let them see you. Taylor House and jump by the window. You have min — If you arrive on time: You will have a copy of the keys to the house of Mss. She will ask you to recover your comics. For first time. And he will tell you in the East Town.

Bookstore you will able train you sexual skills. Make sure you check my bonus at the end to learn how to make money easier and faster. He give you the keys of his house. You have two options to choose. These options slightly change the story — Cum on her ass.

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Taylor apartment — Take all objects and put sleeping pills in tea bottle on fridge in kitchen. Taylor and do one picture of her boobs. She want you block a window in school.

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She is in main door of school — Talk with Jacqueline in school yard. Read her diary. Enjoy — Wait until weekends, and at night or early morning visit Beth's house in High Nebborhood. Outside the house will be Sarah and Roger.

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Talk to them and then to Shasha. Come out of the room and look at the scene and finish at Marckus' house.

Return to the room of Marckus. After first date with Rachel, she caught us in alley nudes. She awake. Taylor house in dawning. Taylor in door of your class. When you have enough love lvl.

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Taylor in her house select scenes and give gifts. She do one scene Hand job — Continue visit mss. She do one scene Blow job. She ask you can go to pick up something in pharmacy. She give you package. After you go to pharmacy to pick up the Mss. Taylor Package. Laura Call you in your phone — she wants you come to Terracotta fashion store — talk with her — search in store one sexy swimsuit. You can peek Laura and other consumer. Next to the bar, you'll find Derek Amy's boyfriend with Chloe.

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Try to talk to her. Gyna speak with you. Speak with her - Sue wants you telephone - More content in next updates.

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Visit the Bookstore at night. If you arrive late at night in the dawning or later Jet die -Watch the scene -Look at the scene of the Hospital and your room. Follow it by New Neighborhhod to Commercial Neigbohood. Look at the scene — The next day you go to school. The director will take you to a meeting with the pope. Like the photo — Use the path of the photo Look at the scene.

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Robson by the door of your house. Go to the Sex shop and Buy 2 aphrodisiacs Return to the house of Morgam Talk to him on the floor above and he will ask you to distract his father.

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Talk to your father — Return to your house and at night talk to the pope when he is next to MAria You will call Morgan — You go to New Neighborhood and talk to Morgan in front of the curator enjoy — In the office choose any psychopath does not affect — At home delpsicopata will ask you if you want to activate tutorial, activate it to indicate the items that you should use — Once in the house of the psychopath Use the biddon marked with red circle image3C and bring it to the window that has no tree in front of it.

Then you see the pile of garbage next to the blue circle garage image3C and return to the tank in front of the window, — Once inside the house you see the big carpet right at the entrance and pick up the key back to the first door you tapped and open it. Use the envelope on the desk. You go to the room at the other end to the left and use the book. Go north of the house and use the statue to the right of the stairs.


Put the password Use the furniture with the drawers open, now you go to the room located to the right and use the large mirror, once inside, use the lever. Then Go back to the house and the room where you read the book, use the small cabinet with the open drawer to the right, go back through the mirror and now open the door. It continues until the murderer. Kill it bad Karma or leave it good Karma.

Wait for future updates. Until it no longer improves. You have to do it with Carol.

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If you did not see your penis in toilet, when mission of Sara with the Groom, party Beth. Do not open sex scene visit Carol before Friday or fail an exam - When she leaves the room she uses her desk to activate her webcam - Wait until it is Friday, the teacher will deliver the notes when leaving class Carol to wait outside and ask you to have appointments. From now on you can have dates with her. Suspicious packages will be asked form the thief girl in East Town. Who leave those packages?

What are those packages? You are getting into something big, dude. Press action button for catch cat, if you have hunted a cat, sound cat sound and the cat disappear.