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In EraStorm, you think you're on a tourist adventure with a bunch of your friends. However, your trip takes a wild turn, and the journey becomes full of ancient mysteries.

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Welcome to NTR-Games! Latest release: My Boyfriends Roommate v.

Netorare, ntr hentai

The title of my first game is called "Zoey", she's also the female protagonist in this story. Zoey and her husband recently got married while they are still in college. Due to the tuition costs building up, the couple had to make some sacrifices that other married couple didn't have to. After talking about their options, the couple settled on a less than perfect solution of renting out one of the spare bedrooms in their apartment to a ntr games they found online.

This is how the story begins, if you want to read the rest please try out Zoey v0.

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My goal is to release new content monthly. I want to give the player the option and decide Zoey's future with the in game choices. I work with stats points, so the player's choices will lead her path good girl vs bad girl. These stats will affect her choices throughout the game and will result in different paths.

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If we reach this goal, I will use it to buy more items that's needed to create more beautiful renders for you guys. Think of different clothing, environment, hair styles, props and so on. I can always use more assets, so I can improve on the visuals.

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Netorare, ntr hentai

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