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The following pictures can be referenced throughout the walkthrough if you're ever having trouble figuring out what to click on.

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A roadmap is provided in the stages below. Follow us on twitter for the latest news and giveaways. In One Night Standyou playthrough few minute scenarios of an enacted morning after a one night stand.

One night stand trophy guide

When you find the key use the key on the Keyhole and turn the lock above. Now, at the main menu go to the gallery. Clicking that will give you the Good night trophy which will then pop the plat. You sure about that? At least you can dress yourself A frilly memento A rose by any other name Coming soon The silent type. One Night Stand Get all other trophies. Then on her Laptop when prompted, choose Louise.

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Dusting off the chair Oder a fancy coffee. One of them being a Coffeechoose Fancy when asked how you take it. Pill seeker Accuse her of drugging you. After choosing the option of taking Painkillersshe will leave to get some.

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While she is away investigate the Pills and question her about them when she returns. Follow it up with the response of your hangover. True Detective You investigated ever item in the game. The other key note is items only count if you finish the playthrough.

One night stand trophy guide walkthrough

Following the above walkthrough in the stages will earn you this. Good night You receive another message from Gary. Gary will send you another message through the gallery after you finish all the endings. Keep it short and simple then choose to leave plainly. Follow the guide above. Heading seperate ways You got rejected. You will need to pester the lady into seeing her again as one of the final choices in the game without befriending her. Friend request You became friends. You will need to make appropiate choices without infuriating her. One of the last responses will be to help her or wait, make sure to wait.

Then choose to stay friends and calmly leave. True friends Honesty really is the best policy. One of the last responses will be to help her or wait, make sure to help her. Then choose to stay friends. No time to waste Escaped quickly and clothed. Make sure to choose you Jeans, Shirt, and Socks options to get fully dressed.

Then leave immediately. No matter what Escaped during her moment of need.

3. one night stand story walkthrough

Nearing the end of a playthrough she will go and be sick. While waiting, you will need to go home. Caught You failed at the last hurdle. After choosing to go home, fail to open the door and she will catch you in the act. In a twist You got caught wearing her underwear.

You will have to click her Panties on the ground and put them on. Do not click on your jeans, click on other things to further the story until she comes back.

1. one night stand walkthrough overview

Run of shame You made a break for it. At the very beginning of the playthrough, click go home a bunch. You need to bail before you even meet her. Her song She picked up her six-string. She will be uncomfortable to play the six-string. You need to make her feel comfortable about it, which is important to choose her Record Player and talk to her about her, then the Guitar and ask her to play.

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A true walk of shame! You got thrown out without your clothes. She is easy to infuriate. Run a playthrough without picking up clothes and angering her. At least you can dress yourself You got thrown out with your clothes on. Make sure to click on your Jeans, Shirt, and Socks to get dressed. When dressed, infuriate her to get thrown out.

A frilly memento You successfully stole a pair of her panties. Then finish the playthrough.

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A rose by any other name You chose not to believe anything. While investigating her Walletchoose Neither when prompted. Go to her Laptop and again, choose Neither. Take in an interest in the DVD by choosing Interesting when prompted.

The silent type You chose to remain silent whenever possible. Follow the above guide. Take a picture of her and share it with Gary. Complete a playthrough to find out it got shared with her.

1. one night stand walkthrough overview

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Stage 1 — Follow the walkthrough In One Night Standyou playthrough few minute scenarios of an enacted morning after a one night stand. Trophies Trophy Content Table. At least you can dress yourself A frilly memento A rose by any other name Coming soon The silent type Bronze Going viral walk of shame. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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