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I'd like hunting for one night with caroline game walkthrough that like chill

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1. one night stand walkthrough overview

Search forums. Thread starter K84 Start date Sep 10, hentai game k84 onwc porn game sex game virtual date game. K84 Demon Girl. ed Sep 5, Messages 57 Reputation score 0.

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Caroline is a serious girl who in the past she liked flirting with girls, partying and everything related to fun. Now she is looking for a stable relationship and decided to go out with you. We'll have to discover their hobbies, be discreet and above all resist our temptations. Tonight we'll meet Kate, an old friend of Caroline who works as a public relations film and that will test our sincerity. We will also meet other characters with which to interact and who knows if we have "something else" with them. Last edited: Mar 1, ed Nov 7, Messages Reputation score Game play is like vdate games but i somehow i found this more appealing then the average vdate game.

This looks very nice. NaoSoul Tentacle God. ed Feb 13, Messages Reputation score A few things I would like to see added: 1- "Back to Menu option". If there is one, I am an idiot and could not find it. All I could see was a "Exit the game" one.

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Considering that this is a game where you gotta re-start multiple times to make the right choices, a back to menu option would help. At least a "Achievement" that shows how many Endings or CGs there are and how many you got, just so you know when there are still things to see or when you already saw everything that is avaiable in this built. This is important because, as it stands now, you don't know if you are actually missing something, doing something wrong or if there is just no way to progress.

One night with caroline [episode 6 – final ] – fixed!

I had to spend at least half an hour to be sure there was no way to progress after a certain point, and frankly, I am still not sure. So that should probably be something good for the players. Bumping because it is actually pretty fun. ed Dec 6, Messages 1, Reputation score I do like Kate more then Caroline though but hahaha. Also your preview images made me think at first Kate is holding a card, and maybe there'd be a strip poker mini-game, but maybe that isn't one I hope to resolve it soon.

This game has 3 endings for now. Thanks for the suggestions, I promise to try to solve these problems. Spoiler 1- Forever alone 2- Kate gets pregnant.

One night with caroline [episode 6 – final ] – fixed!

Oh, shit. I only got 2.

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Spoiler 1 Forever alone 2 Kate gets pregnante 3 To be continued I only had gotten forever alone, and then just a "That's all in Chapter 1" ending! Last edited: Sep 13, Guess it is time to wait for the new release then. ed Dec 21, Messages Reputation score Nice for when you're laying down.

Artistically I have some gripes.

One night with caroline – episode 6 (full game)

These are the saggiest tits I think I've ever seen on a lifeform, and since these are those uncanny-valley DAZ models, it really doesn't help. Maybe firm them up a bit next time. Beyond that I'm liking it. I'm glad there's an Android build. ed Aug 23, Messages Reputation score I'm bored of seeing fake boobs, on TV, on the beach, games.

One night with caroline [pc] full (bonus scene)

I tried to make a more real character and I really like how it looks. What's important is that YOU like how it looks. Also, Caroline's lips almost look like she either: A - Went crazy with the lip plumper B - Got punched in the gob a few times Nice work though.

Looking forward to more.

1. one night stand walkthrough overview

No public PC version for ep 3 yet? You must log in or register to reply here.

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One night with caroline [pc] full (bonus scene)

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