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We all know this shit. You sex-starved degenerates are always chomping at the bit to get your grubby, grease-coated hands on some new waifu fap material. There is also a fuck ton more of them than any other kind on the market.

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Only H Games! I have a long and wonderful history with hentai games. I discovered these gems twenty years ago, back when legendary games like Seasons of Sakura and Nocturnal Illusions dominated the scene. Getting home, whipping my dick out, and going through these zany adventures was the motherfucking best.

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With hard decisions to only hgames and different girls to try to get, it took porn to a whole new level for me. Throughout the years, hentai games became harder to find. Second, the games were getting huge in size, making it harder to distribute. And sites like OnlyHgames. Only H Games is a hentai game download site where everything is free. The site hosts hundreds of games in a variety of languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch.

The hentai games here include both PC and Android games. What kind of games are we talking about? Most of the games are RPGs, adventures, or puzzle, which is typical for most porn games. Giving you all the important information OnlyHgames is all about the data. This is almost always where you want to start because the latest games will be the best quality. Even from the gallery pics you can tell these are going to have some high-res pussy hairs. You should also be seeing the titles. OnlyHgames is legit for including the genre and language into each title.

One thing to keep in mind is the files are password protected.

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H-List is just one huge list of the games, which is hundreds by the way. OnlyHgames has an awesome search engine. But at the top, you should also see Advanced Search. Advanced Search lets you search with many kinds of tags. You can sort out the genres, the types of porn, what kind of bitches there are, what kind of dicks there are monster, demon, maleand a lot more.

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Fuck all that. I found this shit to be really helpful. You can also see the file size, to get an estimate for how long this shit is going to take download-wise. Finally, we have the download links. Let me tell you, downloading from OnlyHgames is a fucking pain in my fucking dickhole. Let me walk you through it. First, both links might get blocked as pop-ups. Just open in new tab to make it easy. Wait for the timer on the top right to expire, and click through. Click on the box to solve it.

Top 10 sites like onlyhgames

Click around until it disappears. OnlyHgames makes it painful.

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Watch out for the McAfee ad as that one can be stubborn, but it goes away after enough clicks. The juice is worth the squeeze Here we motherfucking go. The companies are typically Japanese hentai studios, with subs in other languages.

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Hopefully, some of you have a Mega or Mediafirebecause these can take a couple of hours otherwise. The games are ridiculously top quality. These are the top releases from Japan, and the best possible English content you can ask for. Be patient with the downlo, or use the game titles to go find a torrent instead. Everything lo super-fast, and finding what you want is a breeze with so much good data everywhere.


OnlyHgames has a good sense of what information we fappers look for, while also providing crucial shit like file size and screenshots. I like that the videos are organized based on censorship also. Perhaps you can do it via search. You might want to check out reviews somewhere else, before dedicating hours to downloading a game. Also, the game download links are a nightmare. I had a few scares about accidentally downloading spyware onto my computer, and I did have a point where I wondered if the links worked at all. The links work, trust me.

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You just need to fight through the maze ofwhich typically include three layers of bullshit you need to fight through. Can we get some motherfucking torrents? Torrent links would help a lot on this site. With torrents, OnlyHgames can make users only suffer through their sitebut make the only hgames easier.

One of the best hentai game sites No question, this is one of the best hentai game download sites. The selection is unbeatable, and even if the downlo are a hassle, they work. Open OnlyHGames. OnlyHGames Hentai Heroes. Cunt Wars. FAP Ceo. Project QT. Booty Calls. Kamihime Project R. Pocket Waifu.

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