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Want to be the first to check out what we're making? Hop on in and gain immediate access to our latest game demos and early access builds! Also get access to bonus art!

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Outbreak Games is a eroge video game development company ran by Cypress Zeta.

My age: 35
I speak: English, Kazakh

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So Patreon, sometime last month, moved most of their processing stuff to the UK to allow us to still have adult content on the site.


In doing so though, it caused a large amount of problems with people pledging from countries outside of the UK and even some in it. Most of those problems were fixed last month, but for some people, those problems still exist, or for new pledgers this month, those problems have popped up for the first time.

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The following three issues are the possible culprits regarding your inability to pledge, from most likely to least likely. This was largely made by our 3d artist Sacb0y.

Hypnolab: branda animation demo by outbreakgames

Press F during play to see your FPS! You all know the Overmind, the mind-bending master of zappyness, and Branda, the fallen heroine from Overwhored 1. More heroine previews will be coming soon!

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This is a non-interactive real time demo that shows how things will look in-engine during our game. This is a picture created as 2d concept art for the 3d game Overwhored 2. Everybody needs a place to sleep, train, and do all sorts of fun activities together.

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In your evil tower of dark megaevilness the barracks is actually surprisingly cozy and well decorated. Abandoned on the edges of the city of midnight in the heavenly realm is a lone broken tower sitting on the edge of the seas of chaos.

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This tower becomes your new home and new base. Here Rubati overlooks your new throne room. From your throne you will plot the overthrow of the goddess herself!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Scheme to overthrow the cosmos and claim eternity! Art by idlecum. about it here! These will be included in the next patch along with the individual extended endings bonus scenes. Patreon Pledging issues?

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Read this! A short video demo of some of the action in the upcoming adult strategy game Overwhored 2: Rise to Heaven.

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Rise to the heavens, claim the cosmos, and all the heroines in eternity! Support us on patreon! Top Photos.