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While Homo Sapiens was still learning to daub pictures on cave walls using his own faeces, Godzilla Jurassicus had already been extinct for several million years. There has been much speculation about how, had both species coincided, man and dinosaur may have learned to pool their efforts in the areas of resource-gathering and real-time strategy. Rejoice, then, as Para World answers all our questions on such an inter-species link-up.

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Planning to download the recently launched Paraworld? You will get it on our website for free.

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You can the game world now.

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Follow the instructions on the screen after starting the installer. Good luck.

Install game

Follow the instructions bellow — this is a very simple, fast and primarily free. Toggle. ParaWorld Free Install 15 Sep The game-concept is similar to "Age of Empires", which is a real-time strategy game. ParaWorld features food, wood, and stone as resources.

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Food can be picked from bushes, hunted from animals, fished from the sea, or farmed. Stone is located in limited deposits, and wood, cut from trees, is generally scattered throughout a map. Battles can occur on both land and sea.

About the game

The story takes place in a parallel dimension, where prehistoric life thrives alongside diverse human civilizations that are not technologically advanced. As a result, dinosaurs take the place of traditional wildlife and livestock, though some of the dinosaurs in-game are highly stylized and not necessarily scientifically accurate.

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Wild-living dinosaurs can be hunted for food, though some are of dangerous and aggressive species and will attack any player unit that wanders too close. Other prehistoric creatures make an appearance as well, for example woolly mammoths are used where other games might feature elephants. Players advance through epochs in order to unlock new technologies and upgrades.

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Download options. You start the installer game Need for Speed Carbon 3.

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Accept User Agreement and choose path installation 4. The installer will download all necessary files.

Download paraworld

During the download you need to activate your version of the game a special code — Download individual activation key 6. Enter the code in right place — will complete the download and install the game 7. All copyrights reserved - games-install.

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