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Are you 18 years of age or older? Skip. We use cookies to improve your experience using this site. More information. Furry Outpost is creating adult furry art and games. Select a membership level.

At the very least it will offset our electrical bill, as all of this rendering sure uses a lot! Early Access You'll get access to game releases and some of the comics a week earlier than everybody else! Discord You'll get a special role on Discord that gives you access to additional channels and lets you communicate more directly with the staff. Progress Pictures Whenever we have progress pictures to show off for our games or art in progress, you'll get to take a look!

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High Quality Wallpapers Any time we come up with a new character, we tend to enjoy making decent wallpapers for them. There will be SFW versions too, so you can actually leave them on your desktop. Show more. This will greatly help us create more content, and you'll get access to a lot more stuff. Occasional Voting We'll host votes from time to time to pick what content we produce! You'll have a say in what we create!

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Staff Requests You'll have access to a request channel on discord, where you can make requests or suggestions to the staff. This could be a request to create a new character, or a specific situation.

Perhaps you want Veronica to wear a specific article of clothing, or you want Kate to sunbathe at a public pool. Who knows! We'll evaluate your idea, add it to a list, and attempt to pull it off when the timing makes sense. Extra Art Whenever we release art packs, we'll make a few extra images for supporters of this tier! The following benefits are included in a lesser tier Early Access You'll get access to game releases and some of the comics a week earlier than everybody else!

You'll get more content and even credit for your support in any games we release while you're a member of this tier! You'll get to see this art! Your Name in Credits All Patrons at this level will receive credit as a supporter in any games deed or released while you are a supporter. Unique Game Features When you're a patron of this tier, we'll find a fun way to incorporate your name or username in a manner that is unique to you! The more you hang out in our discord, the more fulfilling this experience will be.

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Please note, we can not apply this retroactively to older games, it will only apply to games being built while you are a patron. About Furry Outpost. Furry Outpost Here! We're a small team creating furry-based erotica games and other art.

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Our games feature multiple furry characters in gameshow or story-based scenarios, wherein you get to have fun stripping them down in a generally comedic and laid back situation. Here's a list of our currently downloadable games.

Why are we asking for support? All of our games are released for free. For now, and forever. By supporting us, you can help us continue making new games and content for years to come. To reward you for supporting us, we have a of rewards, from early releases to previews and bonus content.

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Eventually, we'll add more rewards and additional donation tiers. Want to learn more? Come hang out with us on Discordwhether you're a patron or not!

We'll a preview pic when we have one ready to show you! Current Project Completion Progress:. At this point, we'll be able to cover pretty much all of our main expenses that are connected to this project. This means sounds, music, and 3D assets that we purchase for scenery, staging, etc.

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Become a patron to Recent posts by Furry Outpost. How it works.

Choose a membership. Add a payment method. Patreon logo. Language: English United States. Currency: EUR. What is Patreon?

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