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If you like to download Lesson of Passion games with interesting stories and entertaining plot, you should be happy about having a chance to download the best role playing porn games. Think how to develop your character, work on his RPG elements and do your best to fuck role-playing girls. Get a new job and learn how to score the best pussies in town.

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If you like to download Lesson of Passion games with interesting stories and entertaining plot, you should be happy about having a chance to download the best role playing porn games.

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Lesson of passion new videos

How have you been lately, faggots? It's your boy ThePornDude, and I got something exciting for you fuckers right now. Instead of reviewing a game, I'll be reviewing a website that's gonna be a ton full of shit and fun for you fags to enjoy. Yeah, you heard it right, I'm going to review lessonofpassion.

Lesson of passion new videos

When I got to the site, I immediately fucking noticed how well deed it is. The first impressions I got were awesome. For me, it kind of felt like I was visiting a legit casino's website because of the de and color templates the site has.

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The red background of the site kinda reminded me of the carpeted floors of casinos. Anyhow, I went and poked around more. Honestly, I fucking don't trust sites like these because of the potential malware or virus you'll get from clicking on anything.

Even though the site looked legit, I still had my fucking doubts. You can't fucking blame me for being cautious as I've heard a lot of stories of meathe wanting to jerk off to something and ended up with a nasty malware on their computer.

Lesson of passion mobile games

What happened was that they clicked on a link that promised them a pic of naked celebrity, say Scarlet Johanson or Emma Stone. Of course, you can find shit like that on the internet hello? Remember the fappening? Well, anyway, I had those kinds of vibes the first time I visited lessonofpassion. The website's look was too hard to ignore. I really decided to give a pass on the site because of threats and all that shit. But in an unexpected move, I ended up fucking typing the address.

Low and behold, I was back in lessonofpassion. Aside from the attractive color scheme and de of the website, the games available on the site had me curious. I mean, you fucking get it right? It was like a fucking itch that I had to scratch. I said, fuck it, what do I care. As I was about to click a game, I noticed that the site wanted me to register so that I could get more out of it. I did it, and it was surprisingly quick. It didn't ask me for anso that's good.

Lesson of passion download

The site wanted me to put on my username and my password. The password wasn't even hidden, so yeah. There I was on lessonofpassion. I finally clicked on the game more on this laterand yeah, I got to play it. The and creation bothered me a bit, so I went incognito and tried clicking on a game without an .

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I got a quick laugh and wound up saying to myself: "Damn fucker. I was paranoid for nothing. For fuck's sake, they could've saved me a lot of trouble by telling me ahead of time. Oh, before I fucking forget, the site is absolutely fucking free. Yeah, fuckers, you heard me right, the site is free for you maggots to blow your load off. You just have to choose a game and click it, duh. As mentioned earlier, the site looks fantastic. Along with the velvety red background, the games on the site had attractive 3D thumbnails. I hovered over and thought there was going to be a preview, but nada.

I guess I was expecting too much.

Lesson of passion download

Another plus for me was the site was very organized. The site has a tab that enabled me to look at all the games. They also had a tab for the best user-rated games available. In total, the lessonofpassion.

Lesson of passion sex games

Anyway, almost all of the games here are flash visual novels. You also have to download or enable flash on your browsers for the games to work.

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I clicked this game right off the bat. It was random, and it was the first thing I saw on the site, so yeah.

Lesson of passion

Again, enable your flash if you want to play games on the site. As soon as you start the game, you'll see Kim, the hot married bitch, all dressed in white lingerie. You'll see four options on the game menu.

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The first one is to start the game. The other three were links to other games from the owner's other sites more on this later. Anyway, I started the game, and I got an introduction to who Kim was and her husband. Visual novel games usually aren't for me cause they bore the fuck out of me, but I gave this game a go.

Every visual novel game lets you choose a path on where you're headed in the story. On my first playthrough, I kinda fucking messed something up because I was just clicking. I was so fucking pissed at the game because the first thing I saw was a semi-erect dick rather than a juicy pussy or jiggly tits.

This time, I promised myself to about the story.

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I did just that, and I got the baldy, the guy who fucks Kim, to get in on the action. In the story, I controlled the baldy and was responsible for Kim's mood. Look out for sparkly shiny things in the game; they are the hotspots that you need to click to advance. Finally, I got to suck Kim's tits, play with her nipples, and I got to finger her.

I stopped by the time I finished jerking off lol. The game was fun, but it was somewhat frustrating. I would give it a 3 out of 5. This time, I chose a game that was on their best games list. The loading time for this game was much slower, so I expected that it wasn't a visual novel game.

As it finished loading, it was indeed a visual novel game. Oh well. Learning from experience, I was more careful with my choices in the game. I absolutely love Lake Party. I got my ending, and well, let's just say I enjoyed it to give the game 5 out of 5. As mentioned earlier, Lesson of Passion's owners have two other sites that also have awesome adult games.

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The site boasts of a game called Under the Black Banner, a pirate erotic game. It's basically an upgrade for pay members who want to access every game available, including those on playforceone. Lesson of passion also has a blog. On the blog, you can find posts and reviews about their top games. The reviews are in-depth, as it tackles the game's gameplay, system, and many more. There are also GIFs for seeing previews of the game.

I find the blog very helpful in attracting new users and providing insight for those who are curious. The blog also holds walkthroughs of almost every game they have. These guides can be beneficial for people who don't want bad endings on their first playthrough. On the left side of theyou'll also find links to a Steam developerLesson of Passion's Pornhub channel, Instagramand the Wikia for the entire website.

There were lots of things I liked about the site.