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In the name of a Pokemon fan, the author of this game has spent three years for creating — deing — developing it. And we will see what can he bring to us now. Sponsored Links As usual, players will take the role of a young Pokemon trainer.

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Pokemon Uncensored 1. As usual, fan-made pokemon game, in this one the player wants to win big name and titles as well, for that he is gonna face various missions and tasks in the game. Download Pokemon Uncensored RMXP Game for free and play on PC and Android as well, by making sure that you are playing as a lead role in the game and have some missions complete on time before moving forward. The area of this game is different from other games and has a nice collection of capturable pokemon available in the region which can be really amazing experience for you. As a main leading role in the region, the player has to move from one region to another in the search of some pokemon. There are about pokemon that can be captured.

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Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Add to collection. The source is now available 2.

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Sep 05, Rules Don't spam, don't be a dick, etc. You know the drill. Sticky Update History Current version: 1. Subscribe to this topic to receive notifications when new versions are released.

Pokemon uncensored edition (pc)

Sticky The source has been released. It's been a year since I finished 1. To celebrate, I've decided to release the source publicly. I won't be updating th Sticky Credits. Trade Evolution.

Play pokemon uncensored edition (pc) online

Save Editing? Watering Can. Hi, been wondering if theres any watering can in the game that i can use on the berrys somehow?

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I think i remember using All I've seen so far is Misty naked. I'm aware that I'm not that far into the I been trying to figure out where to get the faraway ticket and mewtwo as well as how to unlock the door in the trainers Needing a Dawn Stone.

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At the very beginning of the game, I made a save before even choosing a pokemon, and every time I chose one after reload On two separate occasions now I've put a fully evolved male pokemon into the Daycare with a Ditto, and had the offspring Found out how to get Corphish. You have to have the Super Rod, which you can only get from the Battle Tower.

Pokémon uncensored edition download pc game full

I wasted far, far too many hours trying to How to get exp. I'm just going to leave this right here and hopefully there's something that can be done other than "just give up on Hou Mac trouble.

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I unzip the game and I am left with a weird game file and the folder it comes in how do I open the game on my emulator? Hi devs or Zedrovas!

Pokémon uncensored edition download pc game full

I just tried playing the gamw on android but I got an error can you fix it. Battling a Happiny on Route 18, and due to it having a higher Speed than my Shuckle, and me not using an attack due to b Items List. New topic.