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I hunting for reddit best browser games that wants tickling

Just looking for something simple, doesn't need to be Multiplayer, but just something not to get addicted to. You're dropped on a random spot in the world using street view and you have to guess where you are.

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I've been addicted to a lot of browser games lately I do not mean things like farmville, though I do not judge you if you're a fan of that game. So here's a few of my favourites that I am playing these days, I hope you people share your's and maybe we can have a decent list from which many will be able to benefit from And subsequently waste millions of productivity hours. I'll post this on My Blog here and will add any of your submissions with decent up votes to the list. I'll update it for as long as I can.

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Good browser games?

Reposting my own comment from the last time this thread happened:. This is my personal list of the best Flash games of the last 10 years or so. For many of these, the entire series makes the list, but I'm just listing the best game here. I am excluding Point N' Click games because I don't enjoy them.

What is a good online/browser game to play to kill time?

So without further ado:. It's an incredibly unique take on the Shmup genre not for the faint of heart. What makes this game great is not the gameplay persay, but rather the way it uses gameplay to tell a story. AAA deers should take note of games like this. As bizarre as that may sound, this game really pulls it off. You will find yourself boggled by how amazingly challenging one dimension can be.

It's crazy and alien, but it is totally unique. Some may find problems with the pacing of the game, but I think the unique control scheme and well deed puzzles more than make up for it. One of Edmund's early games. This top down hack n' slash game is highly immersive and has hours of gameplay.

That should make most of Reddit fall in love with it right away. The puzzles are great, the diversity of vomit types keep the game interesting, and the sound effects and level de are top notch. Oh, and it's made by Edmund.

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If you like the Edmund games I listed here, you can buy them in The Basement Collection on steam to support him and get some extra goodies. It has a few minor glitches, but you will feel like a kid playing Super Mario 64 again the whole time you are playing. That alone is worth it in my opinion. This is literally the best mario fangame I've ever seen.

Oh, and it has a level editor for infinite content. It manages to hit all of the high notes of all three genres. It's perfectly crafted to have simple gameplay that applies to tons of different situations and keeps your strategy bones tingling the whole time. If you want more, The Space Game: Missions is an expansion pack. It lacks the humor aspect of portal, but the puzzles and strategy are completely intact. This should be the first stop for anyone who is a fan of the Portal series and of Flash games. It was originally ignored upon it's first release and seen by only a few thousand people.

/r/webgames - downlo can heck off

I found it amongst one of the Hidden Treasure competitions on Newgrounds along with aboutothers. The core mechanic of this game is just so fun to play around with and makes the gameplay different every game. This may not have the level of content of other games on this list, but it is easily worthy of more notice than it has gotten for it's polish and fun.

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This game is so fun to play and has such a great mechanic that I replay it every few months. It's a 2D platformer in which you level up and learn new abilities by doing them and gaining experience for that skill.

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For example, jumping a lot levels up your jumping and lets you jump higher. One of my all time favorite games. Yet even so, it's the best I've seen in that genre.

What is the best web browser game?

It feels very much like playing the original LoZ condensed into a short Flash format. A great way to spend an afternoon.

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It's a bit like Super Meat Boy, but with physics that are much less slippery. I love to speedrun this game and try to optimize my routes through it. The mechanics are simple and the objective is simple, but it's rare to find well implemented Metroidvanias anywhere. The later games really carved out a niche for themselves with unique mechanics, fun puzzles, and awesome level des.

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I choose to start here however, at the series humble beginnings. Crossover is a fangame that recreates the original 2D Mario experience and level de perfectly. But then it adds all of your favorite 8-bit and bit characters to the mix to create gameplay that you have to experience to understand. If you've ever wanted to shoot Goombas as Samus, this game is for you.

In addition, the creator has started a kickstarter to make his own game in the same style with characters that aren't copyright. If you enjoy the game, you can learn more about his new game or donate here. This game is amazing.

Reddit, what is a fun webgame i can play for hours?

Motherload recreated the mining game genre and stole dozens of hours from unsuspecting children and teenagers across the planet. This is a core experience for every Flash gamer and shouldn't be missed. They are now working on a sequel for Steam. Super Motherload has been greenlit and will come out after they release it on PS4.

It has a ragdoll physics system that is incredibly fun and great gameplay mechanics and enemy encounters built around it that will keep you riveted to your seat from the moment you start playing until the end. There is a sequel on Steam if you enjoy the game as much as I did.

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It's about time travel, lasers, dinosaurs, and much moar. There's no time to explain more about it, just go play quickly!

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It drops you in a randomly created world tasked to survive long enough to find a cure or die trying. I lost days to this game trying to find the optimal way to win with each of the possible victory conditions.

What's your favorite browser-based game?

It's simply one of the best flash strategy games out there. The graphics will awe you constantly as you search for s to unravel a mystery. The pacing is calm and laid back and nothing ever rushes or hurries you. If you want a chill afternoon of gaming, look no further. If you are a fan of the Metroidvania genre, you can't miss this game.

Reddit, what is your favorite free webgame?

I mean come on, it's a game about Snails! Edit: Fixed mistakes that users pointed out and corrected broken links. You're a legit game reviewer right?

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Where did this encyclopedic knowledge of browser games of all things come from? I was looking for someone to post amorphous plus. Absolutely brilliant game.

Hey reddit. what's the best "bored-at-work" browser game?

Ambidextrous Funkslinging, a KoL lovestory:. In I found KoL, at a time when I was on leave from my college due to medical issues that left me spending most of my day on bed-rest with a shitty laptop for company. I had a truly terrible laptop that could barely run Firefox without crashing and often didbut KoL was one of the few pleasures of the internet that Vista could not deny me. So I found Kingdom of Loathing and I started playing.

I ed a clan for the sweet sweet meat bonuses. I started chatting with my clannies, who turned out to be a pretty great bunch of people, many of whom shared my taste in authors, music, and humour. We had some fantastic discussions. Soon after I met a boy. Three months of Skype and heets and webcams later, we were officially dating without having ever met.

Another three months later, he flew to the States and visited me. By the time he left, we'd fallen so hard for each other that saying goodbye was more painful than I'd ever imagined. That year he got me a V for Vivala mask in-game as my Christmas present.

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The next year, I flew to Dublin for the summer and stayed with him. In the meantime, he did everything from teaching me how to optimize for speedrun ascensions to motivating me to get my medical shit straightened out so I could finally go back to university and finish my degree.

Then the money, which was always tight to begin with, completely ran out, and neither of us could afford the flights to see each other for another two years. It was intensely hard. But finally I finished my degree, he finished his, and as soon as that was done I cashed out every forgotten savings bond and meager asset I had, and funded my move to Ireland.