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Open a thread in this section is reserved for active members, read the rules before submit a game. Post a reply. And it would be beneficial as it would cause the player to replay the game more: Sacrificing the reward on quests for sexy scenes would cause less narrative progression which would cause the players to have to play the full game more because endings would be more difficult to achieve with less gold. I really like the idea of other towns too. It could be an interesting date venue where the queen isn't a celebrity, or you could visit a different temple with the priestess or rob from a famous person in the town with the thief and also be the home of a new love interest.

As has already been said though, i hope any potential new love interests don't suffer from the same problem as Kim from CoL - Interesting in their own right, but not necessary to the story and don't interact with the other characters in the way they do with each other. I almost forgot about the whore at the bar.

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I have lots of my own too, and so does Leo, so we won't be lacking material for the expansion. It could take me anywhere from only six weeks, to as long as four months to write the script though, and the the rendering, coding and play testing adds months as well, so please be prepared to wait.

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I don't want to spoil any surprises, but I will say that there IS going to be a fourth girl. She was actually planned from the start of the script and partly written but the first script was taking so long to write and was already so large that I cut her out in the end.

Lop gold seducing the throne walkthrough

But now we will add her, and don't worry, her story is integral to the plot I'm glad you guys appreciate that all the girls are central to one main plot - that was one of my primary goals for this game. The fourth girl is a sorceress, and she is after power, any way that she can get it. Doggy style noun A sexual position which allows both participants to watch TV. PM me. Any pointers on how I can avoid this?

Have tried lots of different approaches and same thing keeps happening. Somebody mentioned, but must repeat, having music and sfx so you can lower them is fine edition.

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For first playthrough am having really hard times so have to ask few question: 1 Where the heck am I learning thieving? Found thiefs guild but have nowhere to raise stat. Doesnt help that I am always caught pickpocketing.

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Figured that thieving and fighting have purpose but still havent found usefulness for politics Want to get them all with all girls and achievments. Also is there any other multiple girl scenes in game? In the thieves guild talk to Raven, he'll give you a mission. Talk to Flick to buy lock picks to finish it.

Return to Raven after finishing the mission and then you can train thievery. In the quest board, switch to hard and epic tabs for higher level quests that require higher levels and offer better rewards. As you progress you will find higher requirements for all the skills.

Lesson of passion - seducing the throne

Politics are required to have high level interactions with the queen and priestess. Had difficulty in finding a few endings and the hints on this board helped me to locate them. So thought about stopping by and sending my thanks to everyone sharing hints! Very nice game.

Lesson of passion - seducing the throne

Beautiful girls and some very steamy sex scenes! The critical thing you are missing is getting the acolyte BJ scene - she won't ask you for help unless she has given you a blowjob. To get the blowjob scene, date Lola when your relationship points are between and approximately, I am not sure about exact values, as we adjusted those several times during beta testing and I can't remember exactly where we landed.

Some walkthrough for the endings would be usefull. Last edited by Skelaturi on Mon, 15Nov16edited 3 times in total.

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Though managed to get a hold of it a bit and found some solutions on LOP blog. Managed to avoid ending. I got you: Trap Flickerine Serving the Justice: Allow acolyte to "service" you while on a date with Priestess, she will come to you later with a request to talk to the Queen.

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Now she likes it: Have sex with lola, use the magical amulet. After that return to her have sex again and cum in her mouth. Beast Slayer: Kill the beast in first epic work.

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Dark Visions: Remember you got only 1 shot at this 1 per game, when dating the queen, pick up mushrooms, but do NOT eat it yourself, at the elders look in their crystal ball Dungeons and maidens: Have sex in dungeons with the Queen after trying to steal her item.

Must be in love with her heart in her portrait.

God save the queen: Expose Lord Bigtoes in the final masquerade. Royal Celebration: Talk with both Lola and the Queen in the masquerade. Priestess and the thief: Talk with both Kiki and Lola in the masquerade. Cum on golden coins: Talk with both Kiki and the Queen in the masquerade. Managed to get all achievments and the endings.

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Only complainment I have is. Wish as she is best to me out of 3 girls that she got proper good ending where you rule with her without having to chop your willy.

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