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Ever wanted to manage a sex booth? Earn money and buy new toys and characters to experience everything this kinky haven has to offer. This game has no official story but it does not need one. You play as a Hostess and you provide your clients with a booth and characters from popular culture with all the toys required for their depraved enjoyment. The actual facility that these acts are committed in is something reminiscent of EGX, the video game expo, with billboards and promotions for some of the other titles the characters originate from. There are a few elements reminiscent of Summertime Saga by Kompas Productions, primarily in the quality and attention to detail.

Age: 35
Nationality: Sudanese
My sex: Lady
What is my Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
What is my figure type: My body features is quite muscular
Tattoo: None

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Hello my friends!

Product details

Its time for the first public update on how the Sex-Arcade game is looking so far. I will show bellow a few of the features that have been implemented in the game trough the last few months:. The interface of the booth area was refined and polished for a more smooth and intuitive gameplay. Attaching items like the ball-gag, blindfold, etc feels much more interactive and responsive now.

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Also, the actual attaching of the items is now a bit more interesting. After dragging the item for the correct area of the subject, the player has to complete a simple QTE in order to permanently attach the item. The animation for the actual cum-shot is not implemented yet, however it will be implemented next month as well as the animation-cycle for the anal version. A new character was added to the game, Korra.

So far not all the features the work for Power-girl work for Korra too, but we can already see that the animations and other assets can be exchange between the characters in the game.

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The adding of Korra was decided via polls voted by my patrons, the final game will have many other characters that will also be voted during the development of the game. God it looks hot.

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Will animations have both internal and external cumshots? Will there be clothing options for the guys too, like masks or something? Thanks for the suggestion! This is awesome, Sabu, great work!

Sex-arcade the game [ongoing] - version:

What engine are you using? Thanks Vez! Sabu can you tell me please where is the link for download the game? Or the demo just for try.

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I need to pay for play? Do you intend on adding an interactive dialogue system that varies between each character like uhh, unique dialogue that differs between Korra and Powergirl 2. A virgin toggle? I try to do the QTE for any and all of the items that requires it but nothing happens and it teleports back to the table.

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It was doing this even in the tutorial. Tags: korrapowergirl. Comments RSS. Hashirama Senju. Don Hernandez. Looks really great! Big fan of your Sex Arcade series!!

Sex arcade the game free download pc

Is the game out yet for free or do i need to do patreon to access the game? Anonymous Fap. Hold Ctrl and click on the outline of the items that will appear in the table. Hold Ctrl then click on the outline of the items that will appear in the table. Shura Kirigakure. Been two years soooo do you ever plan on putting out another update or did ya give up on it? Korra to the booth area, a a few other characters as sidequest and encounters.

Sex-arcade the game

Justifiable reason, hope things improve for you, keep up with the good work. Zangief Sokolov. Leave a comment! Cancelar resposta.

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